2.3L Ecoboost (Ford Ranger) Maintenance Schedule/Service Intervals:

Service Procedure Normal Service Interval Special Service Interval Notes
Replace engine air filter 30,000 miles N/A Inspect frequently and replace as necessary
Replace engine oil & filter As advised by Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor 5,000 miles/6 months if operating in off-road conditions
3,000 miles if operating in extremely hot, desert climates
Oil life monitor will typically account for driving behavior, but driver should be advised of special service conditions
Replace fuel filters 30,000 miles N/A Engine and chassis mounted filters
Replace accessory drive belt 150,000 miles N/A Inspect serpentine belt condition at oil change intervals and replace as necessary
Replace engine spark plugs 100,000 miles 60,000 miles Special service interval applies to trucks that are towing or idling for excessive periods of time
Replace transmission fluid & filter 150,000 miles NA N/A
Replace engine coolant 100,000 miles/6 years for initial service, followed by subsequent service at 50,000 mile/3 year intervals N/A Use Motorcraft Orange engine coolant only
Replace rear axle fluid 150,000 miles N/A Replace immediately if submerged in water
Replace front axle fluid 150,000 miles N/A
Replace transfer case fluid 150,000 miles N/A


Fluid Recommendations:

Engine Oil SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Blend 6.2-Quarts with filter change
Engine Coolant Motorcraft Orange Engine Coolant 11.6-Quarts
Transmission Fluid MERCON ULV Automatic Transmission Fluid 12.8-Quarts
Transfer Case Fluid MERCON LV Automatic Transmission Fluid 1.2-Liters
Front Differential (M190) Motorcraft SAE 80W90 1.64-Pints (0.775-Liters)
Rear Differential (M220) Motorcraft SAE 80W90 3.70-Pints (1.75-Liters)
Rear Differential With Electric Locker (M220) Motorcraft SAE 80W90 3.04-Pints (1.44-Liters)
Brake Fluid DOT 4


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