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  1. 93 Ford Ranger I beams

    Hey guys, I got some equal length twin I beams from Threat Motorsports with the frame mount brackets as I plan on removing the stock motor mount and making all new support there. I think I have started mounting the beams correctly, but if one of you guys that have done this could chime in and...
  2. Samzwell

    Taking camber out of Twin I-Beam after 2" lift (1987 Ranger RWD)

    Hey there, I need some advice on how to bring out the camber after adding 2" spacers on the front end of my '87 Ranger RWD. I did the lift after putting some Cooper Discoverer AT 235/75r15s on. I took it in for an alignment and the shop told me they can't bring the positive camber out because my...
  3. Twin I Beam Fabrication Question

    I have a question regard material selection. My build is a 94 ranger 2wd (Mild prerunner). Is getting a gm LS motor. 4 link in rear likely. Front I'm building my own TIB's. I'm not concerned about building the beams as I have a lot of fabrication buddies that know what there doing. However, I...

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