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  1. thcscubajohn

    T-5 or Viper 6 speed

    Hello TRS transmission community, the title says it all I'm torn between using a T5 or a Tremec Viper 6 speed for my Ranger project. I've mentioned in a couple other threads the details but will again. The drivetrain will consist of a 4.0 ohv built into a Morana 4.3 and is expected to reach ~...
  2. 5.0 ranger T5 clutch help

    Alright I have a mustang T5 in my 03 ranger edge (originally 3.0). The 98+ rangers clutch master connects into the pedal assembly itself while the 97 and earlier bolted to the firewall. I used an older ranger 7/8 bore clutch master bolted to the firewall and down to a universal 7/8 bore clutch...
  3. speedometer hookup?

    Hi i have an 89 ranger that im finishing up a 5.0 t5 swap on from an 84 mustang. I was wondering if anyone knew what i needed. i have a hole in the side of the tranny and the cable that came with the truck what peices am i missing? thanks
  4. t5 clutch questions????

    i order a 1993 240 sx slave cylinder for my t5 swap does anyone know if my stock ranger master cylinder will work with it please help me!:icon_confused:

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