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5.0 ranger T5 clutch help


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Jan 16, 2012
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Alright I have a mustang T5 in my 03 ranger edge (originally 3.0). The 98+ rangers clutch master connects into the pedal assembly itself while the 97 and earlier bolted to the firewall. I used an older ranger 7/8 bore clutch master bolted to the firewall and down to a universal 7/8 bore clutch slave cylinder (advance auto parts: part #37493) bolted to a piece of angle iron that's bolted to the bell housing and a piece of all thread with bolts out of the slave to adjust the clutch fork. Well the firewall finally gave away completely. The only way to fix it is going to take some fabricating, time, and resources which I don't have. My question is what universal slave is pretty close to mine but a 5/8 bore so I can use the original clutch master that connects to the pedal assembly? It's at a friends shop but I'll be at work tomorrow so have to check in every so often and try to give them an answer to fix this because they haven't seen someone piece together a clutch so don't really know how to help me. But they can't keep the truck long. Please try and get to me with an answer or part number to another universal slave would be best. Thanks in advance

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