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rod knock

  1. 1986 Ford Ranger 2.9l Rod knock

    Hey there, I recently purchased a 1986 Ranger with the 2.9l in it. It has around 195,000 miles and the body is in great shape but it did not run great. I put in a new IAC, TPS, plugs, wires, injectors, and distributor cap and was still getting intermittent misfires at idle and full banks...
  2. 2.3L ('83-'97) 1989 ford ranger valve clutter with self adjusting lifters

    My 1989 ford ranger with a 2.3l jumped timing and blew a coolent hose recently. The coolent damaged a ton of electrical components such as spark plugs and coils. I replaced all 8 spark plugs, plug wires coils, and retimed the engine but now my valve are making a ton of noise. No biggie I though...
  3. Blue_Bunny72

    Higher Viscosity Oil for Knocking 3.0l?

    I've got a '98 ranger with a 3.0l and it has an obvious spun bearing. I was wondering if bumping up the oil's viscosity on the next change would help squeeze a little more life out of the motor before it kicks a rod through the block (if so, what viscosity would you recommend?). Any feedback is...
  4. 1999 Ford Ranger Ticking Noise on Bottom End

    This form has helped me in the past and I would appreciate any help with this issue. I recently spent 2k on changing my timing chain, timing chain cover, water pump, fan, and fan clutch. The next day I noticed a faint ticking noise coming form the bottom end of the motor. It is hard to hear...
  5. Rod Knock

    I got an 1985 Ranger 2.3 and its got a knock it, its sounds like a rod knocking, it gets worse when you give it gas, was wondering was there anyway to make it quit other then a rebuild.

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