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  1. BrynTen

    Offset/Backspacing! How much is necessary?

    Hey Folks, I have stock FX4 16" rims wrapped in newer 245/75 R 16 GrabberA/TX and I'm looking for new rims with a bit of offset. how much backspacing/offset would I need to get my tires poking out of my fender flares just a bit for a more aggressive look? The stock rims I have are 7" wide, if I...
  2. For Sale Ranger / Bronco wheels

    Hi selling wheels for ranger or bronco 285 70 17 BFG KO2 with 11/32 about 80% tread On Icon vector 6 olive rims 6x5.5 with 93.1 bore Selling them together for $1100 Or just the rims for $500
  3. 97 Ranger XLT rwd wheel + tire sizes.

    Hey all, I have a 1997 ford ranger XLT RWD. 4.0L V6. It currently has 225/70/R14s on it. I'd like to get a bigger rim/tire, just wondering what my options are and any suggestions would be appreciated ! Thanks in advance
  4. Tire Help

    I got a 4 inch lift kit for my 2005 2wd Ford Ranger, what is a quality set of black tires I could get and what size should I look into?
  5. For Sale 8-Slot Ranger Wheels & Tires - $325

    Reply here or via Craigslist if interested! Thanks. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/pts/d/seattle-ford-ranger-wheels-tires/7208544165.html
  6. sauceman

    Hubcaps or centercaps that would look good on a 2nd gen Ranger (1992)

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some input as to what hubcaps I should throw on my 1992 Ranger, I have some chrome center caps, but I'd like something that better compliments the classic look of the vehicle. Let me know what you guys think would look best!
  7. Spacer Size For 19" Premium Mustang Wheels

    So...straight to the point, I've never ran spacers on any vehicle I own. I acquired a 2002 Ranger a while back and finally picked up some decent wheels for it. They're 2010-2012 Mustang GT Premium wheels. I'm wanting to put some spacers on it , but nothing overkill. Could anyone recommend what...
  8. 2001 Ranger Edge - Rear Tire Width

    Hey, guys! First post here, been poking around for a few weeks now and figured I'd start the beginning of asking all kinds of questions. So as it says, I have a 2001 Ranger Edge and I'm wondering how wide of a back tire I can get on it, but it's a little bit more loaded of a question than that...
  9. 19x8.5 +45mm tire size

    Hey guys! I've been searching for hours and cant find a definite answer, so excuse me if this has already been discussed on this forum. I just bought new rims for my ranger. As mentioned in the title they are 19x8.5 with a +45mm offset. my question is; what size tires can i use? I want some low...
  10. american racing center cap

    I have four amican racing rims off my old '87 RX-7, I am looking to sell them but I need to find two more center caps. Any help on finding them would be awesome. I am trying to upload a picture but I am at work so it may not let me. discription: silver base plate with the AR in the middle with...
  11. Dprocks100

    Jeep Rims on Ford ranger?

    Ok, so im new to the forum, and i have a Question. I have a 1991 2wd Ranger without a lift. I bought some 15x7 jeep rims thinking they would fit and didnt think about the backspacing on them. they have a 5.25 backspacing. Im looking for an aggressive look and was wondering if i would be able to...
  12. theGreatDane

    Rim Selection Help!!!!

    So i am the proud owner of a 1999 ranger 4x4 supercab. currently i am looking for some rims, as my stock rims are ugly. my requirements are that they are black and semi cheap, as i am a college student with no money. In the future i plan on upgrading to 31s or 32s, but i can only afford rims...
  13. theGreatDane

    Rims and Tires!?!?!?!?!

    I own a 99 ranger extended cab 4x4 with a 4.0 and 5 speed. I have some crappy stock tires on it right now with ugly 15 inch rims. I want some bigger, more aggressive tires, and some better rims. so these are my questions: 1. I dont want to have to lift it, so how big can i go w/o rubbing? i was...
  14. JimRummy

    Quick tire/spacer question...

    So my 93 Ranger (4.0 V6 extended 2wd) needs some new tires. She came stock with the 225/70/14. I've purchased some 15" ranger rims, and am looking to get some nice AT's. Now apparently every tire shop around here refuses to install anything but stock sizes, because after referring to their...
  15. 15x12s with tiger paws on my 2007

    I have a 2007 single cab ranger thinking about getting a set of 15x12s with tiger paws but i have no clue if theyll fit. my buddy is getting rid of his and said he donate me the rims. id need a 5 lug to 6 lug adapter as well. im trying to figure out if itll all fit.
  16. 20"s on a 94

    whats the best tire rim combo for fuel mileage?
  17. Tucking 33's

    Hi guys, This is my first post, I just bought a 2007 Ranger Fx4 and am looking to tuck some 33's. I don't want to change the suspension at all for now. I was wondering if you can fit 33s in the rear without clearance issues, there looks to be a fair amount of room back there. For the front I am...
  18. adam83094

    New kid on the block.. needs some advice on his rims.

    I bought a 1999 B3000 the beginning of September. It has 15x8 pacer sawblades. I love the rims! they clean up real good with steel wool and look good except the ring of RUST. 1 of them has hardly any 2 of them are okay and 1 is getting bad. its not just surface rust it has eaten through the...
  19. 06_FX4

    Are all Ranger stock rims lug centric?

    Along with my 2006 FX4 , I own a 1998 2wd ext cab 4.0L with 190,000 miles. The stock rims on the 98 are 14x6 (225x70x14) and when it came time to replace the tires, I bought a set of 1998 stock 15x7 Ranger rims from craigslist. The new rims came with 225/70/15 tires which were worn out and...
  20. 2011 Ranger LIFT

    just wondering some other opinions on the best lift for my 2011 ranger...its 4x4. also where should i get rims? tirerack doesnt seem to have the ones i like. im looking for the baja style rims with 9 holes or so.

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