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  1. Franken5liter

    46k mile 1988 Ranger “Outlaw” 4x4 Restomod and Build

    Beginning my build thread for the 88 Ranger 4x4 Std Cab Short Bed I scooped up in GA early summer 2020. Details: 2.9L A4LD auto, high rider optioned XLT, 4.10 LimSlip 7.5 rear, original paint and interior. Restomod plans: gut and clean interior with “new” ‘99 Exp 5.0 Engine and trans with a BW...
  2. DavisRanger

    88 Ranger Restomod

    I bought the truck in August 2019, haven’t had it a year yet and I have completed much more than I thought I would, one of the few things I can thank COVID for lol. I didn’t even start taking things apart until February (2020) The overall goal for this truck is to build it into a nice daily...
  3. D31080FA-2342-4E85-9850-8DE848747C03.jpeg


  4. A9DFB943-974E-4279-B368-986697C747C6.jpeg


    Repainted (originally tan) back in April 2020
  5. 4AE1714F-DA45-4D19-8A9F-4B4C97B138BD.jpeg


    The “General”

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