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  1. Power window wiring

    Hi I have an 09 ranger, extended cab, and my passenger window quit working. I have power to the driver side switch, and one faint bit of power to the passenger side switch, but only on one wire. Fuse is good. I just don't know exactly where to check next. Any ideas? TIA
  2. 2.3L ('83-'97) 2.3 won't charge past 12.5V

    Hey all, so this is going to sound like the obvious answer is a bad voltage regulator, but it has been far more confusing of a problem and I finally decided to stop and ask for some help. I have a 1991 ranger that came with the 2.3 stock. I have swapped the engine for the 2.3 turbo from an 88...
  3. Mysterious loss of power during acceleration/uphill

    So...I can't say I'm advanced in my automotive mechanical skills, but I know enough to tackle projects w the help of youtube/forums. I just tackled the replacement of my slave cylinder, everything went swimmingly and while I was down there I took the time to replace the clutch plate and...
  4. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: Max base timing advance for 1990 Ford Bronco II 2.9

    Hey there. I was wondering if the 2.9 can handle anything more than the 12 degrees base advance for a little more power? I currently have it set back to the stock 10 degrees advance so that I was able to pass CA smog and now that i have passed i was about to set it back to 12 but wanted to know...
  5. 1991 Ranger Passenger Door with power

    Looking for 1991 passenger ranger door with power, I will pay for shipping if I can't drive to you Thanks Ron
  6. Intermitent bearing squeal(PS pump)?

    I have a noise that sounds like a bearing squeal but it usually occurs at start up and goes away in a second or two but can last several seconds at times. It is so loud with the hood up that i can't pin-point the location but when setting in the cab it seems to be directly in front of me. I...
  7. '86 Carbed w/ HEI Ignition/Power issues

    Okay so here is the story about a demon truck that has been altered so far from stock that I have absolutely no idea where to start. My main issue: Random periods of NO power. Nothing to any gauges/lights/radio, nothing to starter, won't crank, nothing. My most recent experience was driving...
  8. Throttle lagging, major loss of power and acceleration

    Recently my 93 v6 has lost nearly all its power, to the point of almost stalling every time I start moving from a dead stop, and it takes all 5 gears just to get up to 45 mph. Doesn't seem like the clutch is slipping, cleaned out the air system, cleaned MAF sensor, put injector cleaner in at...
  9. 2.8 l performance ?

    Is there any performance parts the 2.8 l that are worth getting and if so what's a good combination to build power and retain some mpg
  10. 06 power mirror mod to 95 ford ranger xlt

    Hello my truck came with power mirrors but I disliked them so I did the 06 ranger mirror mod but I have to match wires from the 06 mirrors to my 95 mirror wiring. Can someone help me out with what color wires match up? My 95 wiring is yellow red and blue and the 06 wire colors are green purple...
  11. NebrRex

    94 power increase

    I recently acquired a "94 Ranger, 2.3, 5 SPD., 3.45 plain Jane no power anything gutless wonder. I do like the gas mileage but not the the lack of power. So I am planning on a head, intake and cam swap this spring. This will include a milled and ported head and some cat back exhaust work. I...
  12. Need more power outta 2.3

    I have a 96 ranger stick shift 2wd with a 2.3. What's the best way to give my truck a little bigger balls. I know the obvious answer is a 302 swap but this is my only vehicle ATM so this isn't am option. And my pockets aren't very deep. Not looking to hit the autobahn or pull a horse trailer...
  13. procadman

    No power past 65 and horrible gas mileage

    I know everything points toward a clogged catalytic converter but Meineke says it's ok. '89 2.9 auto w/overdrive and posi-traction. 75k on bottom end. 10k on top end. <30k on tranny. 150k on most other peripherals. Compression is around 110 (to spec). New wires, plugs, cap, rotor. New EEC. New...
  14. 94 ford ranger w/4.0 lacking power until warm up.

    Hello, my 94 Ranger with 4.0 engine is skipping and lacking power until it gets warmed up. It was lacking power this morning and all of a sudden, it got a burst of energy and got power back. Also, the voltage gauge sometimes is working and sometimes it is pegged all the way to the left like it...
  15. 2000 Power Mirrors are Dead.

    Just spent the afternoon putting a new drivers side mirror in. I'm sure I got all the connections right. But, no movement from either the new mirror or old passenger side mirror, which was working fine. Does anyone know the number/location of the fuse for the power windows? That's where I'd...
  16. Power Chip Needed

    I have and 03 2.3l ranger manual 2wd and im looking for a little more pep. I was thinking about getting a programmer but they run like 300+ for a legit one. What is a cheaper way to go for getting some better torque?
  17. Radio doesn't work anymore

    Hi everyone.. I need some advice. I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado and the stock radio stopped working after having my brakes worked on. however there is power to the stereo, just no power in the radio. I'm wondering if there is a fuse inside the radio. I know about the cabin fuse and that is...
  18. Power steering pulley

    In the V-8 conversion forum they give the parts number for the bracket resivour and pump for the power steering conversion but not the pulley. Will the pulley that came with the stock power steering unit on my 90 302 motor be the correct pulley? Thanks for your help!
  19. bblatch69

    gibson, magnaflow, or ?

    I was looking into cat back set ups for my b4000 with the 4.0 sohc, just wondering if anyone could give me some input on what brand would be the best? i want something that sounds good and deep outside, but quiet in the cab. thanks! :icon_thumby:
  20. Need More Power

    I am trying to get the most power out of my 2.3 ltr with out having to rebuild the motor... Any suggestions? I am putting 4.11s in the rear end. I have a K&N filter. What else should i do cause I am making my Ranger a pre-runner dune rig.

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