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  1. Clutch switch not engaging and clutch not fully releasing

    Truck info: 1999, 3.0, 4x4, manual, 190k miles For a while now, my clutch pedal has been going to the floor and it's gotten increasingly more difficult to go between 1st and reverse. I was thinking that I would start with bleeding the system, removing the transmission, shooting myself, etc...
  2. Help finding brake/clutch rubber pads

    I'm trying to find the rubber pedal cover pads to replace the worn out ones on my brake and clutch pedals, but can't seem to locate them anywhere. For a 2005 Ranger 5 speed 4 cyl. So far have tried RockAuto, Amazon, dealer site parts lookup, but all I keep coming up with is the rubber pedal pad...
  3. T5 in my 91' 5.0?

    Got a 91' 4.0l XLT that I swapped to a 5.0L H.O. and currently running a C4. Very motivated to get a T5 but I need info before I make any progress. Any info about installing clutch pedals in a 91'? Seen plenty info on setting up the bell with slave and lines etc... But I need to start from the...
  4. owen94

    tk5 clutch pedal

    tk5 clutch pedal engages at top I have a 87 2.9l ranger with tk5 transmission. My problem is that the clutch engages maybe an inch before the top of the pedal. I have bleed the slave cylinder and it did not change a thing, wondering if this is a symptom of a worn out clutch.
  5. Tranny rattling while idling..

    Hello. everyone.. I have a 1995 XL 2.3 5-speed.. When it's idling, it rattles from near the bellhousing. It only rattles at idle speeds and when the clutch pedal is out. If i have it idling, then push the clutch in, it stops rattiling. Also, the pedal doesn't go all the way up. It feels...
  6. New front brakes are screeching HELP!!!

    alright so i installed new front pads and rotors. took my time, kept my hands off of the contact surfaces, greased everything and used quality parts. i finished the install and tested the brakes. they worked great. then after about 10 miles the screech began. i narrowed the noise down to the...
  7. 84bluebronco2

    94 Explorer XLT Brake Trouble.

    Brakes were acting complete normal, no abnormal sounds, abs functioned. On my way around town earlier this week, the pedal just went straight to the floor, and now the brake will grab when the pedal hits the floor. :annoyed: When they grab, it make the truck bounce, almost like the brakes are...

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