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  1. 2.3L ('83-'97) Overly High PCV Pressure

    Hey all, I've been test driving my 1991 ranger with a 2.3 turbo motor from a 1988 thunderbird turbocoupe in order to get it tuned after being rebuilt and assembled. After these drives, I've noticed a lot of smoke from the engine bay coming from oil that is being sprayed around and hitting the...
  2. 91 2.3 ranger manual transmission 2x4 pcv hose location

    which port under upper intake manifold goes to pcv valve
  3. Question regarding vacuum at PCV port on intake manifold--4.0 SOHC

    Hey Folks, The Vehicle: 2003 Ford Ranger Edge, 4.0 SOHC The Question: There is a port on the forward right side (passenger side) of the intake plenum (manifold) where the PCV elbow and hose is attached (the PCV valve is on the rear of the left valve cover). Should I get full engine vacuum...
  4. Need help!

    I have a 99' Ranger XLT 4.0 Bought it off a buddy and got some codes read. I'm getting P0171 and 0174 - bank 1 and 2 too lean. not sure what that means. google tells me a million different things. I bought all new intake manifold gaskets but have no clue how to go about changing all of that...
  5. 1986 ranger 4 cyl 2.0L

    Having been ill for an ongoing length of time my truck fell into disrepair. A well intended friend offered to rebuild the carb for me and it was running seriously rich. The snow where my exhaust exited was black within minutes when it sat and idled for no more that 2 minutes. Well he said he...
  6. rgpinder

    PCV Location for a 99 3.0

    I've searched high and low to find the location of the PCV in my 99 3.0 Ranger. Haynes doesn't match what I see. Nothing on Youtube for my year/engine. I suspect it's driver side but perhaps I'm not looking far enough down. Any help would be welcome
  7. PVC valve location. NEED HELP!

    I've looked on all the threads i could find but none of them seem to get me even close. I need to find the PCV valve on my 2007 2.3L I4. PICTURES WOULD BE BEST. But if you have a really detailed description it might help too. I've looked all over this engine and I can't seem to find the damn...

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