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  1. Bad Spark

    I have a 1987 Bronco II. I am not a mechanic. I replaced the TFI Module. I Screwed something up. I was getting some slight hesitation when I pressed the gas, the idle was a little rough, and a little rough on start up and going from drive to park. I figured the ignition system. I checked the...
  2. DavisRanger

    Idle’s good, missing under load

    I just recently did a complete rebuild on my 2.9L. Almost everything under the hood is new. The truck idles great, but when under a load it’s missing at low speeds (lower rpm), but doesn’t miss at higher RPM’s. I removed the cats because they were clogged and put in a straight pipe. Never...
  3. Was fine before

    I replaced the spark plugs and plug wires in my 93 Ford Ranger 4x4, 4.0, 6 cylinder, and the engine seems to be misfiring while idling. It didn't do it before I changed the plugs and wires It seems to be every few seconds, the engine seems to just drop off. It doesn't seem to suffer the same...
  4. problems at the pump

    I have an odd problem. When sometimes when I refuel my truck I have problems excelerating after. It spits, sputters. And the other day started died and had to be pushed out of the pumps. I also have the same problems when I excel from a sharp curve or round a bout. It feels like it's running out...

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