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  1. PausePause

    Variants of M5OD-R1 (M5R1) transmissions

    I had an issue with my 1990 2.9L Ford Ranger 4x4 where the synchro teeth for 5th and reverse were ground down, along with the teeth on the slider. I've ordered a new slider and new synchros but the slider that came in seems to be for a M5R1-15 transmission and looks to be incompatible with my...
  2. ludicrouspeed69

    Bellhousing Bolt Patterns for 2.3 and 3.0 M5OD Transmissions: Dimensioned!

    I spent a lot of time looking for dimensioned drawings or CAD models of the transmission bolt patterns (for reasons). None existed as far as I could tell. I tried perspective flattening, tracing, and scaling images from google, but was having a hard time trusting them. Finally I had the...
  3. Big dreams

    Hey! I'm Luke, and I'm planning on doing a 3.0L SHO swap into a B3000. I stumbled across TRS during my scouring of the interwebs for builds on this sawp. I will take all the advice and input I can get, but I plan on carrying this all the way through! :icon_welder: So please: any and all...
  4. 1988: Swap 2.9L for 1990 4.0L

    Hello, Well I'm new to the Ranger Station and all and I'm pretty sure I made it to the right place about an engine swap. Anyway to the specifics, I'm thinking about swapping in a 4.0L V6 from an Automatic 1990 Ford Ranger. My current vehicle is a 1988 Ford Ranger, Manual, 2WD, 2.9L V6. I have...

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