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  1. For Sale Aussie Locker

    XD13527 Aussie Locker for Dana 35 Check Aussie Locker catalog for application. New in box $180 I will cover shipping
  2. SniperJJ10

    2007 4.0 5 speed Front locker options

    I've done some research in finding a front locker for my truck. I can find that my truck has the dana 35, but I can't find how many splines it has. Is it the same as the 28 in the factory rear axle? If so, what are my best options for cost vs quality for a front locker? Any help is appreciated...
  3. Explorer rear axle swap question

    Been reading on how to do this swap on my Ranger and I think understand everything I need to do, but have one question before I buy donor axle from a junk yard. If I am planning on installing a locker, should I be looking for an open differential, LSD, or does it matter? Im thinking I want to...
  4. Lift, Locker, Gears

    Need gone Ford 7.5 lock right locker by power trax 150
  5. Locking Diff

    Hey guys. I could really use some help because I'm knew to this. I have a 2005 Ford Ranger Edge 2WD, 3.0 V6, manual with an open diff. I'm pretty sure I have a ford 8.8" rear axle. I was wondering what I need to do in order to make it a locking diff? I am a college student so I don't have much...
  6. What should I do as far as getting a locker?

    I've got n expo 8.8 with l/s sitting on my porch thats gonna be going under my edge 4.0 when she gets overhauled but I've got some q's first. I'm trying to build a luxury runner but I'm keeping it mid travel or else I'd be doing a full width 9" so I wanna know what you think might be best to do...
  7. 982WDRanger

    Dana 30 E-locker issues...?

    I am installing a Eaton e-locker in my HP Dana 30 soon and I have some issues I need some information on. From what I have read I need different bearings from the ones that come in the install kit with my gears. I need LM102949 bearings and LM102911 races for the carrier. For what I have seen...
  8. Best locker/limited slip for the money?

    Hi all, I have a 2002 Mazda B3000 with RWD and the "dual sport" off road suspension. I don't plan to use the truck off road very much, but I like to be able to do simple trails and the truck has to be capable of getting me to trailheads... Anyway I was thinking the best way to increase the off...

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