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  1. wiring apush button latching LED switch

    you see these on Ebay a lot a really versatile little switch with a few options for installing
  2. how to wire a 7 Pin winch or accessory switch

    Lots of switches out there do not come with instructions especially if you get them for a bargain this tutorial may help
  3. 98-00 upgrade to '06+ tailights?

    Any one know of an article on how to swap the tailights from an '06+ ranger into a 98-200 ranger? I looked around in the tech articles but only found one for the 93-97 body style. Any help would be appreciated PFA
  4. Brake light Help

    I have a '99 Ford Ranger XLT with rear ABS and the brake lights have just cut out on me. i swapped the brake light switch a couple days ago and they were working, but then they shut off again. I've also swapped bulbs, fuses, and relays related to the lights. Still nothing. I have absolutely no...
  5. only headlights

    when i turn on the headlights the break lights do not turn on when i press on the breaks they do turn on. what could make the lights only come on when breaks are pressed
  6. a2thy

    Fluctuating/inconsistent voltage

    Greetings fellow RBV enthusiasts, I come to you with a perplexing problem related to my truck's electrical system. A couple months ago my truck left me stranded with a dead alternator. I replaced it with a remanufactured one and all seemed well. Shortly thereafter the lights on my dash, along...
  7. brokecanadianstudent

    Floods or Spots?

    Hey all I'm looking to get some lights to mount over the front bumper of my Ranger as I do a lot of night driving and don't find the factory high-beams illuminate terribly well. I'm torn between floodlights to help illuminate the ditches/side of the road better, or spots to cast bright light...
  8. Dead Battery - Jump Start - White Smoke!

    A demon has possessed my Ranger. At least that's my first guess. So my poor new-driver daughter took our 96 supercab to some school thing, and forgot to turn off the lights. Oops. She gives us a call when it won't start, and we come over and jump it. I connect hot on our Subaru to hot on...
  9. houlimon

    tail lights still on

    truck runs, front lamps work when i pull the knob, blinkers work. when i push the nob in, my tail lights stay on draining my battery. not sure where to start...
  10. Help no brake light/ blinker

    Okay so I noticed my blinker wasn't blinking in the pass side so I checked all lights an found the rear pass light was out so I replaced the bulb and still no blinking or borage light on that side also the front turn signal comes on and stays on when switch is turned that way I'm stumped I was...
  11. Flashing 4wd/RFW Lights

    Hello I have my brothers car for a few days and want to fix a problem he has had for over a year now. The 4wd and rfw lights on dash flash continually from the moment the key is turned to run. The only info i have found is that they might flash 6 times a minute or something for a particular...
  12. Baby Raptor

    1993 Headlights

    I really want to get Halo lights, the problem is that all the good ones are for other years....my question: Is there any way to make 2000 style headlights and ambers work on a 1993 ranger? These are the ones I am really wanting...
  13. turn signals 1990 ranger

    i have a 90 ranger 4.0 2wd reg cab and my turn signals are not working. i have replaced both flashers and if i replace the fuse as soon as i install one and hit the switch the fuse blows. i have replaced both rear turn signal sockects due to a residue that looked like it could have been shorting...
  14. Paris7

    Running lights, dash lights and license plate lights

    I snooped around a bit but didn't find anything quite like my situation. My parking/running lights, dashboard and climate control column illumination lights, license plate lights, tail lights, and left blinkers are not working. My parking and license plate lights fuse keeps blowing and now my...
  15. Rotagotideas

    light problem - gauge cluster only comes on in between day light and nights

    Ok so here's the problem guys, my instrument cluster only comes on when the switch is in between day running lights and night runners. -The taillights are not on but brakes, reverse, and signals all work. I already replaced the switch and it yielded no change. -All the fuses under the dash are...
  16. Weird Problem

    HELP! I have a 2001 Ford Ranger Edge edition; it has the 4.0 V6 and a standard transmission. Just recently I have had a problem with some of the lights. The problems are: I have no light in the rear when I put the transmission in reverse. The other problem is when I hit the brakes, the...
  17. juggalomania92

    My new grill

    so i got tired of the grill i had and wanted to change it up a little bit seeing as i messed up the badge on the front and it looked dumb without one, i went to the junkyard to get a new steering wheel pad and some trim pieces for around the jump seats, pwrranger88 told me there was a grill...
  18. How To: Install Underdash Lights

    I recently decided to add more lights to the interior of my 89 Ranger, taking an idea used on F-150's I incorporated it into my ranger, this is how I did it. 1. Find some light sockets out of a donor vehicle, any Ford Truck will work, or car for that matter, I got mine out of an 86 Mercury...
  19. Off Road Lighting Question

    Hi, i have a 2009 ranger sport 4.0L and i recently installed a set of PIAA 510 driving lamps, i have every thing hooked up exept for the "switch power" wire, i had it run directly to the battery and they work, but i would prefer that it be wired so it gets power when i turn the ignition on, any...
  20. Bryan101

    Steering Wheel lights (Cruise Control)

    My 1996 ranger has cruise control on it and the on/off side light is out. Does anybody know how to replace these lights and know what type of light these are? ____|''''''\___ l_/'''\____/'''\| =(O)===(O)== -------------------

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