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  1. push rod replacement - longer rods? lifters no longer available ?

    Even though I have a newly rebuilt 2.8L engine in my garage, this (original ?) 2.8L is still running okay after 265,000+ miles in this Bronco 2. Some results from the original compression test before I converted to points, then Duraspark II. Compression Test: 2016-03-03 done cold after...
  2. 2.9l Ticks when I press on the gas

    My 92 ranger 2.9l has a ticking noise that has been bugging me. It is consistent with engine speed, but is only audible when the gas pedal is pressed. It does not matter how fast I am going, or if the engine is hot or cold. I would describe the sound as a really loud clicky pen. I can add about...
  3. mightysonofa

    84 bronco II 2.8 rattle noise lower engine

    I have a 84 b2 2.8L with 119,000 0n it . out of the blue it started to make a strange rattle noise heard either at cold start and then after warm up at idle , it sounds like very loose lifters it does not hesitate or lack power nor does it have a miss ,I have always changed the oil and other...

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