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electrical connector

  1. Alternator? Solenoid? Sensor? TRuck will not start

    I have a 1997 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 with the 4.0l OHV Here is the issue I am having.......... The truck will not start unless I jump the starter solenoid on the fender to make it turn the starter. My battery gauge in the truck says its too low when I check the batter however is 12.4 volts. My...
  2. Transmission Gone CrAzY?!

    I recently had a new transmission put in my truck but the O/D OFF light still flashes. I have taken it back NUMEROUS times to have it checked because that usually means its over heated but everything checks out and reads fine. The one thing that changed after the first one blowing up was some...
  3. The_Epsicle

    Vacuum Hose and Electrical connector question

    I have a hose that I can't find out where it connects, I "capped" it with some red electrical tape since that was all I had. I'm not noticing any driving issues, it didn't even run rough before I capped it, so this confuses me greatly:icon_confused: Here's the disconnected end of the hose...

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