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chop top

  1. will.moyer

    b2 build finally

    So I can finally start my build and I'm starting off with my carpet I'm ripping it up this weekend after my games and will sand the rust out and what not... plans are 4in lift with 33in Kevlar, rebuild and gear my Dana 44, change my hubs to manual locking hubs, than work on the roll cage while...
  2. meskater132

    Chopping the Top on my BII

    I have a 1990 Ford bronco II 2.9ltr 5spd mitshu tranny So today I started the process of chopping the top on my BII :yahoo: so far started to gut the interior pulling carpet roof liner, and driver side body panneling. tommro i will start to pull the pass side, my plans are to -gut the...
  3. 86 slo-vo

    project family wheeler. chop top 1 ton explorer.

    well i guess its time to start a new thread for the explorer, the ranger will be gone next weekend. im starting with a 94 explorer currently: 4.0 a4ld 1354 warn winch bumper and not much else, its been sitting on jackstands for several months now. after buying it down in florida i drove it...

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