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  1. Speed and tire size and speedometer gear ratios questions

    so first question is what size tires did the bronco II Have when it rolled off the production line? i know mine has bigger than stock tires but not by much ill look tom anyways well driving behind my brother on the highway, he has a 04 mazda 6 stationwagon, i was talking to him on the phone...
  2. B2 Drive Shaft LENGTH?? and... CV Vs UNIVERSAL JOINT ????

    okay so i have a stock suspension on my 1989 B2 fm 146 trans and orig elect shift trans case the 89 originally came with a CV style rear the original has since blown and been replaced with a professionally rebuilt unit and it just failed. this one lasted me a yr. so i hate the CV STYLE!!! SO i...
  3. natmanjoh

    possible 351 swap

    normally wouldn't post questions like this and research it instead, but time is short. all my research was for a 302 swap and i was dead set on it. then my wifes co-worker said she had a lightly wrecked bronco (all body damage, engine still runs) that she doesn't want in the yard anymore ($300...
  4. leseman1

    B2 seat covers

    Does anybody make rear seat covers for Bronco II's, I found some for the front but want front and back seats to match.
  5. leseman1

    Noob to TRS

    Hey guys, im tyler, My dad has a 1985 Bronco II with a 302/C4, 5.5" james duff lift and 33's. Im looking at buying a 85 eddie bauer B2 for my first car and i figured i'd get on the forums and get some ideas for my build.
  6. captainnova

    Help! Stuck wheel bearing race

    I went out to change the front passenger side wheel bearings, everything came off just fine but the outer bearing was completely shot.. all that was left was the race. Pretty sure it is supposed to just pull off, but it wont budge. Tried beating it with a hammer, any ideas of where to go from...
  7. captainnova

    86 B2 wheel barring, help?

    Hey guys, so I blew out the wheel bearing in the front passenger wheel of my truck. I'm no mechanic, and only have the most basic of tools at my disposal. Just wondering if anyone would be able to give me step-by-step instructions on how to replace this. Thanks in advance! Jerrot
  8. 84bluebronco2

    I sense trouble on the horizon...

    My first experience with the good old B2 was memorable... lol. I had an 84, and since the day I sent her to the scrap yard in the sky, the itch for another one has been in my head.... I really dig the 4.0, and 4.0 swapped B2's, but the sound of a 2.9 attempting to move brings a tear of happiness...
  9. 84bluebronco2

    84 Bronco 2 Flooding

    I posted this once before but have some better information now. My bronco seems to run fine for about 30 seconds up to 2 minutes and then the idle gets super rough. About 15 seconds after that it stalls out and won't start for about 20 minutes. What could all of a sudden make a good running 2.8...
  10. 79 bronco coil on an 86 Ranger?

    Hi, I just bought a 1986 Ranger four days ago. It has a four inch lift now with trxus 33s. In the front it currently has XJ Cherokee coils from Rusty's upfront. The guy I bought it from threw in a set of Superflex 4" lift coils from a 79 Bronco. He says they should swap right in. Anyone ever...

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