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  1. First 5.0 swap

    :yahoo: Hello, MeanGene86 here and as the title states. I am doing my very first Ranger 5.0l swap. :icon_welder: Now I know there is a lot of swaps and folks on here who have done them, but we all know a guy just has to have a log of it for himself. So I have a 1999 Ford Ranger 4.0l V6 4x4 and...
  2. dogboy

    Obd2 explorer v8 with Obd1 dash?

    I've searched a little, and can't find anything. Has anybody done a 5.0l v8 swap using a 96 Explorer engine harness, but retain the 94 Ranger dash? I'm kind of stuck on my swap, because this 96 Explorer dash and body harness isn't going into my 4.0l 94 Ranger like I thought it would.
  3. 982WDRanger

    98 Ranger recieving a 97 5.0L?

    I currently own a 98 Ford Ranger that I am SAS'ing and a 1997 Explorer 5.0L AWD:headbang:. Next year I want to do a heart transplant from the explorer to my ranger. Has anyone done this before? Should i try and turn the 97 engine into a 98? I have to hole explorer to use or just swap what I...
  4. Handling Ranger

    It has been attempted im sure a thousand times before me, but im going to make a truck to satisfy my sports car itch. What im looking to do is a heavily modded (as much as possible done by me) truck on a a decent budget. 5 grand to a not pretty but running truck. There was an episode of...
  5. Will it work?

    I just got a reman 302 87-91 comp eng and tran. Is this a good motor to use in a 88 ranger super cab.
  6. 89 5.0 swap durspark II wiring from key??

    i have an 89 ranger xlt that im currently swapping a 84 5.0 carb mustang motor into it has a duraspark II ignition sytem and i need help wiring it all up so any help would be great but i need from the key to the ignition module, starter solienoid ect.. the whole deal thanks...
  7. Just me, currently in Southern Maryland

    Just an old hippie tryin' ta keep it together in today's world. Been around the world and back a couple times courtesy of Uncle Sam. Retired from the U.S. Navy in '94, was a jet mechanic and flight engineer. Still wrenching on aircraft for the Navy as a contractor. Even do it at home on my cars...
  8. Trying to do an engine swap from my 2.9

    I want to swap my 2.9 in my ford bronco II for the 5.0l v8 fuel injected 302. first time doing a swap and could use the help on what i need, and how to do it.
  9. 1999 on road to off road conversion

    1999 V8 SAS Ranger Heres my 1999 ranger. Its the economical 2wd 3.0l flex fuel edition in green. So what are the plans you ask? From a 1999 or 2000 explorer - 5.0L V8 Engine - 4R70W Transmission - Drive shafts - 8.8 Ford rear axle Purchased separately - (4x4 is insane on a 4th gen...

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