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Just me, currently in Southern Maryland


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Oct 29, 2009
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Southern Maryland
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Just an old hippie tryin' ta keep it together in today's world. Been around the world and back a couple times courtesy of Uncle Sam. Retired from the U.S. Navy in '94, was a jet mechanic and flight engineer. Still wrenching on aircraft for the Navy as a contractor. Even do it at home on my cars.
This is my second RBV, had an '84 Ranger 4x4 back in the late 80's early 90's. You guys think its hard finding parts, try finding a tranny on Guam lol. Did get one out of a Mercury up on Anderson AFB. Changed it in the rain the day before a typhoon hit(washed away the fluid real good). Have a 90 BII now, picked it up for $500, the guy said it smoked so bad he thought he was on fire....I tightened the valve covers, topped of the oil and drove it home. Back end was sagging pretty good but after reading the forums and tech section here I slapped in a set of 92 Exploder leafs and all was good. I have a 96 Ex 8.8 with limited slip and disc brakes and been collecting the pieces to lift the body 2" and another 2" suspension lift. Don't want here to high the old hippe can't just jump up that high anymore. Just want to run some 32 or 33 inch mudders. Found AAMCO receipts in the glove box, the auto has been done three times in 237xxx miles next time it craps a 5 speed is goin in and the 2.9 is still strong but that 5.0 swap sounds like fun. Enough about me, Here's to you...:beer: Mike

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