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2nd gen

  1. 1992 145k miles

    Hello Ranger Station! Im currently looking into buying a 2nd gen ranger for errands and light duty firewood transport! What should i look out for? Its a 3.0 5 speed 4x2 frame & body is rust free.. I heard the 5 speed trannys go out around 175000 miles. Is this true? Also what usually needs...
  2. Dprocks100

    91 2.3 timing belt trouble

    ok so today i decided to change my timing belt. lined everything up, loosened the tensioner and went to pull the belt off. my dumb a** friend told me i didnt need to take of the crankshaft pulley to do it. found out i had to take it of. tried for a few hours to get the beast off and couldnt do...
  3. 1st Generation Front End Conversion (changing a 92' to 88'- front)

    Hey guys! Wanting to convert my 1992 Ranger to the 1988- Ranger front end style (2nd gen to 1st gen front)**. I know this gets asked a bit for the new body styles, but after some convincing from a few others on TRS forums I decided to post since this question since there is lackluster...

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