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  1. My Bronco II - Engine swap.

    Hey there forum, I am about to undertake a engine swap from a 2.8L '85 bronco II (Automatic) and swap it into a 84 bronco II (standard). If you got and tips or tricks or things I gotta look out for that would be great. Any help would be fantastic and met with great thanks. -Noah.
  2. Need a little help

    Need some help with a 2.8 to a 2.9 swap I have a B2 rough tuck with a 2.9 and my daily driver has a 2.8, the 2.8 is shot but the 2.9 runs great, i want to put the 2.9 in my daily driver but i'm not quite sure what all i need to take off my rough truck to make the 2.9 run in my 85 daily driver...
  3. Will a 2.8 distributer work correctly in a 2.9?

    I was out mudding at a friends place and landed so hard the firewall shifted forward and cracked my Cap and broke off my ignition control module off the distributor. :annoyed: i have a 2.8 parts truck and i was curious if the distributor would work. Thanks
  4. ranger 2.8 timing chain replacement

    workin on a 1985 ranger 2.8 carb v6 timing chain/belt broke wondering if anybody had a diagram or instructions to possibly help me with this process

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