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1994 ranger

  1. 94 ford ranger zerk fittings

    Hi! Does anyone happen to have a diagram should all the grease zerk fitting locations on a 1994 Ford Ranger? Thank you.
  2. The_Epsicle

    Popular engine swaps for the Ranger

    I have a 4.0 OHV(200K miles) with an A4OD transmission and auto 4x4 in a 1994 extended cab Ranger, everything about this truck is stock and everything but the engine is in great shape. The engine has lots of problems and needs to be rebuilt and since its my DD the engine will be rebuilt and I'll...
  3. I need to swap my auto hubs out.

    I need to know any ideas on what i shoud switch my auto hubs on my 94 ranger xlt 4x4 out with? I know warn makes a kit but i was wondering if there was any better ones to use. And also i want a just a 3 in lift but i was wondering if a suspension lift was much beter then a body or it doesnt...
  4. My 94 XLT

    Finally on the road... finished up the last little things today... Here it is a year ago (no engine.. missing TONS of parts) and here it is from today. The whole process of getting the truck over the last year has been a nightmare, but now that I actually have it and it's running...
  5. Lowering my Ranger XL

    I have a 1994 Ranger XL 2WD. I am not sure on how I want to do it yet so i thought I would hear what you guys have to say. I was thinking about just flipping the axle and cutting the front springs but its kinda iffy. I'll take any input. Thanks.
  6. 1994 Ranger Blues

    :bawling: I have been trying to locate this problem for two weeks and I have gone through two tow trucks. My check engine light has a wire loose somewhere because it affects my fuel pump. The first tow truck, I replaced the ignition coil thinking that might be the problem...How wrong I was...

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