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1983 ford ranger 4x4

  1. Should I sell 1983 ranger?

    Due to my inability to think things through I bought a 1983 with a bad motor I haven't been able to pull it as I don't have to tools and I was wondering if it would be easier to replace the engine or part it out as my current car that I need to replace is a death trap and I can't afford do do a...
  2. TexasDuck66

    2.3L ('83-'97) 2.3L High Idle

    Hey there, I've got an 83' Ranger 2.3L 4x4 I'm restoring right now. I just had the timing belt, camshaft seal, front main seal, fuel filter, and a fresh oil change done. Ever since I got this work done, the truck has been idling high and when I shut the truck off, it continues to sputter and act...
  3. TexasDuck66

    2.3L ('83-'97) 83' Ranger 2.3L advice

    Hey there, I'm about to purchase a 83' Ranger 4x4 '4 Speed '2.3L setup, and I was wondering if the 1 Barrel carbs that came stock on these engines were reliable and easy to work on. I've never messed with a carb before, not on motorcycles or anything. Just wanted to know if they're a pain in...
  4. 1983 Ford Ranger electrical issues

    So I just bought my first truck and it was running fine for the first 3 days and out of no where it wouldn’t start I tested my voltage on the battery and I was getting 3volts I tried jump starting it and nothing happened still would not start so my buddy said battery is toast so I went and...
  5. 1983 4X4 long bed 2.3l - should i buy?

    so, I found this 2.3l 4x4 long bed 83 ranger here In nova scotia, Canada and I kind of fell in love with it. I want to make it into a little project (engine rebuild, touch ups etc.) but im not sure if it is worth it. it has about 300k on it, has low compression and needs a new manifold. body is...

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