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  1. Warner Gear 1350 -1354 Manual found

    I came across this manual while searching the web. Thought others would find it useful too. BW 1350 and 1354 https://drive.google.com/file/d/17C331PrWNfkvQOGyJ12Hrf3gQ_YnzobV/view?usp=sharing The link was found on this page https://www.car-repairmanual.com/transmission/
  2. Manual transfer case 4hi issue

    Okay, so I have finally made progress on my B3000 off road project... truck started as a manual 2wd with a worn transmission, so I've swapped in a remanufactured M5OD and added a manually shifted transfer case. Anyway I drove it for the first time today, and while low range works, when you shift...
  3. Looking for BW1354 service manual

    Hi everyone. I'm getting ready to pull my TC from the 02 FX4 that I have. I'm pretty sure that it'll need some work and I'm looking for a service manual, or any other documentation that can help during the rebuild. Can anyone help me? I'll post pictures and updates once I get into the TC...
  4. 1354 versus 4407 parts list

    I have a 1354 transfer case (elec.) but the parts inside look more like the ones from the 4407. In my case in the exploded factory drawing, the 1354 is missing the part that is worn out which is the shift collar hub. However, it appears in the exploded drawing for the BW 4407. Anybody had to...

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