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  1. wrecking-crew

    Keep on the look out.

    http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/general-chit-chat/1108819-omg-my-fj60-stolen-my-dog-inside.html Don't know if this made it here or not but this dude's truck was stolen with his dog inside. If someone has any info, send it to him on Pirate.
  2. wrecking-crew

    Just got this.

    Bought an 89 ranger. It's built nice with f250 buckets, 4.0 with cam and headers, 8" or 9" lift, 35's and it all works. Sort of. Dedicated wheeler/winter truck. More pics to come when I take better ones and get some chit done.
  3. wrecking-crew

    Wet glovebox blues

    Yeah. More problems. I cant have a cab that doesn't leak, can I? /rant Went into the Ranger today to go to inspection. Turn on truck. Rear usb isn't working. Hm. Pop open glove box and it is full of water. i-pod submerged over night (in rice still) and my insurance and registration are soaked...
  4. wrecking-crew

    Petition for small diesel vehicles

    I pulled this from Pirate. Original thread Sign here. Spread the word!
  5. wrecking-crew

    4x4 Console issue

    I finally finished (for the most part) getting my truck back together after the cab swap. Now I have a problem. My 4x4 overhead console doesn't work. No power to the lights or switch. I am almost 100% sure it is all plugged in behind the dash. It is plugged into the module and back of the...
  6. wrecking-crew

    Fix for rusty bodymount brackets

    I have noticed that most body mount brackets for our trucks (Especially 1st and 2nd gen) are obsolete and/or hard to find good used ones. I am too lazy to take them off my parts truck, remove the bed, use a torch to remove the rivets... Started with this. (Metal pieces were there just to hold...
  7. wrecking-crew

    I got this today.

    Parts manager at work gave it to me after I asked if they could order me one. I knew there was one there, but I was actually willing to pay for it. I don't know how hard these are to come by or if there are any more around. On a side note, my Chevy got a new set of shoes and wheels. Looks...
  8. wrecking-crew

    Finally I got one. (56kno)

    After 8 long years of searching, I got my 65 Mustang... My first actual car. :D Cleaned off the pollen To hell with you rust
  9. wrecking-crew

    Pine Barrens "clean-up" videos

    From Sunday r0JT4i1lOUY CProU3W8FY0 _cqgI4QgtW0 pylXJgn8aEI
  10. wrecking-crew

    Body Roll

    This is a question from my friend. He wants less body roll in his lifted B2. 6" lift, 32's, 2 inch body lift. He is complaining that there is too much roll for his liking and he want to keep it lifted. I told him dual shock mounts already. What else would there be?
  11. wrecking-crew

    B2 no spark

    I am looking at buying a 1989/90 B2 for $750 (or less) that has no spark. Or at least that is what I am told by the mechanic. What could be wrong with it? Everyone I asked at the shop says ignition module or distributor.
  12. wrecking-crew

    3 years and I need a new pair of shoes

    My Chevy needs some new rubber due to lack of rotation, over inflation and my driving habits. 40k isn't too bad for mud tires, right? I am looking for a nice set that will wear good and have good traction in slippery conditions. I was running 35" but I am looking to downsize. What I have...
  13. wrecking-crew

    JD 160 restoration/repair.

    I got my dad's old mower (86 JD 160) from the shed to cut the grass since my uncles mower deck threw the belt and bearing. I got a few problems and they are more annoying than broken. Is there a way to adjust the clutch for the drive belt system or is it the belt? (it squeals when in N clutch...
  14. wrecking-crew

    Why does this happen?

    Whenever I get my Ranger on the road, it always starts with the clutch problems. Today it began to vibrate the clutch pedal when engaging the clutch in any gear (unless you have speed) and making a grinding noise. Since this is my DD for the moment, I'd like to ask what could cause it? If I...
  15. wrecking-crew

    New job.

    Well, I finally got a job (part time) at a dealership and I am starting Monday. Stuck doing oil changes and tires for now. Got most of my stuff together, just need to get box ready to go tomorrow. Any tips for someone starting at a dealership? Any tools you'd recommend getting?

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