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    Hey old man - you still alive?

    Hey old man - you still alive?
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    What years have opening rear doors?

    Hey y'all. Been a super long time ! I hope y'all haven't been driving the staff crazy. Hope all is well with everyone. I've been looking for a 2008 - 2011 4cyl 5speed ext Cab with opening rear doors. I prefer 2wd and it doesnt need to be XLT or better. All of the ones I'm finding are...
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    87 Ranger, SC, 4x4, 2.9... converting to 4 cyl.

    I was wanting to sell or trade my 87 Supercab 2.9/mt so I can buy a 4x4 4cyl. I want to build a turbo charged 4 banger 4x4. So far no luck... Looks like I need to convert this truck to a 4 cyl first. My truck: 87 Ranger, supercab 2.9 manual 5 speed manual transfer 7.5, D28 blah blah blah...
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    Not my cup of tea... 3 axle Ranger.
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    2.3 duratec engine max speed limiter

    speed cut at 92 mph. My 01 and 03 had them. Also, my 05 Roush F150 had it as well. My 07 did not have the 92 cutout though.
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    belltech 6400. 1" or 1.5" or 2" of lift. Somebody know for sure?

    I dont want the, "I've read where it's xxx lift" I'm looking for a for sure answer. I'm adding 2" spacers in front and want the back up atleast 2".
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    best source for wheels?

    I need a good source for new steel wheels. 15x7 to 15x10.
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    Anyone have the part numbers for an 87 4x4's trans shifter bushings

    My 87 4x4 has a developing sloppy shifter. I know it's the cups that are worn and ford no longer carries them. I'm looking for the part numbers of the bits that surround the shifter ball on the top of the transmission. thanks folks
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    New 2.3

    I'll always recommend a 2.3L Ranger. Unless you'll be hauling heavy stuff all the time with it. They haul normal stuff a small pickup carries and does it with a savings at the pump. it should also be mentioned that with the manual transmission, theyre pretty peppy. It's much more fun to drive...
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    Autocrossed the 07 Ranger. y'all wanted tire lift...

    Autocrossed the 07 Ranger. y'all wanted tire lift... *** video added *** >>>>The Video is here <<<< Traction was INCREDIBLE. My tire pressures were nearly dead on. I've never lifted so many times in a one event. I knew I was getting some lift here and there but not this degree. I...
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    Duratec starting

    My 07 takes a few seconds to start every morning as well. I even wait a reasonable time with the key on before keying it to start so the fuel rail pressurizes. I just figure it's suppose to do that as it's consistantly the same amount of time to start.
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    Traded the 03 for an 07

    07 XL Reg Cab, 5 speed, 2.3, 3.73. I painted the grill Tint slapped on my old GT's. I'll autocross it on the 6th and get some pics up, maybe even a vid.
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    Tire Pressure Monitoring System. What sensors do I need?

    Booooooooooo Bought an 07 Ranger yesterday but wanted to keep my 17" GT's. So I made the switch and left the dealership. 20 minutes or so down the road an idiot light goes off and I'm thinking I have problems already. Pull off and look in the manual. Appears my truck is equipped with the...
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    Pics from Sunday's autocross

    it was a good day overall. I was 9th overall beating a co-driving team FS 96 cobra, an SM 03 BMW M4 coupe and a BMW 323i for serious bragging rights. The wheel/tire combo is a great combo for the stock suspended truck. The tires are 245/45/17 Kumho Ecsta SPT's. I did lose to my only STX...