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    1992 Ranger - Parking Brake Cable Grommet?

    Hey, all. Coming down to the last of a long list of repairs to my 1992 Ranger Custom. The parking brake cable was shot when I got the truck. Ordered a new one from Dorman and have fed it through the firewall, seen here for reference...
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    My new 1983 Ranger Diesel

    That’s so great, Joe. Glad you made such a good find an are excited to care for her the way she deserves. Most people just never see the beauty in an old truck. The journey begins! Very best wishes to you, _Casey
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    My new 1983 Ranger Diesel

    Oh man, do those pics take me back to my ’83!! She was a shorty with primer grey exterior, but that interior is a dead match, aside from the 4-speed (mine was 4 with OD, which Ford proudly displayed with an ‘OVERDRIVE’ badge on the tailgate back then - lol). Thanks for sharing!
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    Can I Combine a Cork Gasket with RTV?

    Hey, all. I’m thinking about putting a thin film of black RTV on both sides of the cork gasket going on the auto transmission pan of my 1992 Ranger with the A4LD. I’ve always used cork gaskets and never had one leak before, but I’d like to have a little bit of extra insurance on this one, in...
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    ’92 Ranger A4LD Trans Fluid Leak - At Shifting Armature Maybe?

    Just wondering what folks here think. As the title says, I have a ’92 Ranger with and A4LD auto trans that leaks. When I bought it almost a year ago, I could see right away that it was dripping. I changed the fluid and filter and, to my surprise, the leak continued. I purposely bought a...
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    Body Mount Torque & Tire Size (1992 Ranger)

    Hey, guys. Bought the Prothane bushings for the body mounts on my ’92 Ranger Custom 4x4 (4.0, A4LD). Finally ready to tighten them down, but no torque settings came with them (the instructions said to consult my repair manual and Haynes has no info). Anyone know what the correct torque is...
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    Body Mount Bushings for a ’92 Ranger Custom?

    Thanks, JoshT! Really needed someone to confirm that the bolts and bushings would actually hold things together when tightened down. Now I can move forward. Much appreciated. :icon_thumby: By the way, does anyone know what the spacing should be between the rear of the cab and the front of...
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    Body Mount Bushings for a ’92 Ranger Custom?

    Hey, guys. Got a further question that’s been bugging me for the duration of this project and it’s getting to crunch time. As mentioned, both the tops of body mounts and the sheet metal where the retaining bolts for the bushings pass through the body were rounded out because the PO kept driving...
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    How to Determine Proper Cab Alignment?

    Hey, folks. Me again. So I’ve been trying to replace the body mount bushings on the 1992 Ranger Supercab that I bought earlier this year. Unfortunately, the previous owner kept driving it despite the bushings being shot, so the old hardware destroyed the tops of the cab mounts themselves from...
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    So Confused About What Size Air Compressor I Need

    Hey, all. I won’t go into all the details, but my current project has been so disheartening. At the moment, I could really use some good advice on air compressors. I’ve been unable to buy a lot of the air tools that would have made life much easier (sheet metal cutters, wire wheels, etc) as...
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    MIG Welding Regulator Advice?

    Hey, folks. Trying to make my first foray into welding, since the Ranger I bought turned out to be a lemon (rotted out floorboards, damaged body mounts, etc). I bought Lincoln’s HandyMIG, hoping it would fit my needs (here’s a link with all the stats offered by the retail store I bought it...
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    Good Brands of Seam Sealer?

    Hey, guys & gals. Replacing the floor pans in my ’92 Ranger and want to get a good brand of seam sealer in tube form. Any that folks would recommend? I was going to buy Eastwood, but they want $15 for shipping on two tubes. I can’t find their products on sites that have free shipping...
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    Body Mount Bushings for a ’92 Ranger Custom?

    Where’d you find the replacement sleeves for the ones you cut out? I’ve been going crazy trying to find the dimensions for them to fabricate some (mine were totally disintegrated). LMC wants over 200 bucks just for the sleeves!! :shok:
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    Body Mount Bushings for a ’92 Ranger Custom?

    Thanks for the input. So are you saying that you ordered a kit that was only supposed to be for a 2WD 2010 Ranger, but it fit your 4WD 2010 Ranger? Just want to make sure I’m hearing you right. :popcorn: Thanks again, man. :icon_thumby:
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    Body Mount Bushings for a ’92 Ranger Custom?

    Looks like they only have the complete kits (with sleeves) for 2WD in my model year (mine’s 4WD). Don’t know why there’d be a difference. The pictures that show the sleeves do not appear to have the taper I was worried about though. Now if I could just get the dimensions of those sleeves...