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  • I'm new on here but have been following the baja scene for a while now. I really like what you did with your truck and I'm sorry to here about the loss. I was wonder if you had a blue print of the bed cage you built? It would be great to hear from you!
    Hey bud, got another question about your truck. I found a bumper that Im planning on getting here in Macon, Ga that a local custom shop had but I was wondering what style lights do you have mounted on the front. I found some Light Force 240s on Ebay but what style are yours?

    Thanks again,
    Hey There, Im new to TRS and Im trying to get into the ranger scene but im having trouble finding an aftermarket bumper for the front of my truck. Did you make your bumper or did you buy it?

    Ryan Phillips

    What I have are the rear portions of the RCD lift kit (extended shackles, add a leaf, pinion angle shims, u-bolts, bump stop relocation blocks, and Bilstien 5100 extended shocks (still on truck but will be available shortly)). They were for the RCD 5" lift kit. They should fit your truck. The front portion of the lift was sold several months ago and would not have fit your truck. The spindle lift is probably still your best option for the front of the truck. Shackles and add a leaf might make the back of your truck too tall with a 3" spindle lift, assuming you left the factory lift block. If you removed the factory lift block, it might be just about right. If you are interested, I am looking to get $250.00 for the rear parts (including the shocks) or $200.00 without shocks. For your application, you might want to get new shocks based on the amount of lift that you get. Good luck and let me know what you want to do. I will watch for a used 3" spindle lift.

    this is tony down 2 houses with the white ford ranger. I am still wantin to lift my truck. you said that u were gonna take ur rcd off. If u done so if it can fit my truck cus mine 2wd i might be willing to buy it. if not i am looking for the 3inch spindle lift. Can u find me any good deals?
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