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    2.3l flywheel?

    pull the tranny pull the broken flexplate replace the broken flexplate stop putting posts in the wrong place. profit!
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    Need some help from NV guys. (gun related)

    I need the name of an FFL in Vegas that someone here knows/trusts. I need to ship a couple guns to them asap, but don't know anyone down there, and don't want to send them to some random stranger that nobody's heard of. I'm leaving AK on Monday, so I need to know by saturday :icon_thumby...
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    Post informative links here!

    If you find a thread that has some good info, post it here. I'll add the relevant posts into this thread, and we'll keep a more up to date reference of swaps.
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    length of a B2 cab?

    Anyone with a B2 cab want to do me a favor? I need the length of a B2, minus the front clip. I'm thinking about swapping one to replace the cab on my toy - a crew cab F350. I'm somewhat limited on space though, and am trying to go shorter, not longer :icon_twisted: help me out!!!
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    My wife's box! (with picture!)

    Here's a picture of the box I made for my wife. Actually, it's a chest of drawers, but it sounds better when I say box :icon_twisted: :thefinger: you dirty fuckers :D:icon_rofl: Anyone else have anything good you made for the SO for the holiday's?
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    My nuts hurt. :bawling: :buttkick: Just got back from the Dr's office for my vaasectomy. Aside from the fact that they went through ~20cc's of lidocane during the procedure, and it took about 3x as long sa it should. It wasn't *too* bad... the percoset's help a wee bit too :woot: So, I shall...
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    4.0 a4ld no start/no go

    So, I was cruising down the freeway at 70mph after getting the 'shake' figured out. RPMS go through the roof (like if you pushed in the clutch) and it's making a wierd sound... so I killed the engine. After I get it stopped, I go to crank the engine over, and the starter's not turning the...
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    Well, it's been fun.

    It looks like TRS is going down again :bad: Jim just told us (the staff) that he's been offered a fair amount of money for TRS, and he's tired of the asshattery and e-drama that happens here, so he's selling. :pissedoff: I'm pretty sure some of the other staff (in the eastern time zone) have...
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    are they 12 volt systems? (pretty sure it is) what if I want to hook it up to see if it works? Will I kill it if I hook up reverse polarity? I have one injector that appears to be stuck open. I want to test it to make sure it's opening correctly. :icon_confused:
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    4 liter shaking

    Just changed out the p/s head gasket on my 93 4.0. Seems everything went well, except now it shudders visibly on startup/idle. I'm thinking I didn't hook up a spark plug? Also going to check the vacumn lines this afternoon. Anything else I should check? :icon_confused:
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    changing out key cylinder?

    Change, Key, cylinder, lost, new, door/ignition, 10-cut Call me stupid - lost my key to the Ranger :owned: Apparently, loaning it out without a keyring on the key was a bad idea... how big of a PITA is it to do the cylinder swap without the key? For that matter, how much does a new ignition...
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    Post up!

    If you're from the outlying areas of the US! I personally refer to canada as 'america's turtleneck' :D since I live up here in AK :cool: Anyway.... do your thing