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  1. oldschool1955

    need help setting a ride height please help

    Ok here is a photoshop pic of my truck. I did what I could with the color and am pretty happy with it. the theme is classic police cruiser with a twist in color. What I can't do myself with photo shop is add the light bar on the roof and a classic police star on the door, or play with ride...
  2. oldschool1955

    need to know will 04 explorer dash work in my 99 ranger

    Drove a customers 04 explorer the other day and fell in love with the interior, now i want to find a wreck and pull it for my 99 project. how much modifying will i have to do.
  3. oldschool1955

    99 from 3.0 to 4.6(HELP NEED DIRECTION ON BUILD)

    :icon_thumby:All right everybody buckle up because it is about to get bumpy! I will start with a little history about this ride. I bought this truck two years ago for $600 as a DD. It had two broken springs, the passenger side was the main leaf and the PO used rope to tie it together. The rear...
  4. oldschool1955

    4.6 liter in 99 2wd

    Well, after two years of looking I finally got a 4.6 liter to put in my 99 ranger. My truck is originally a 3.0 truck. I bought it two years ago drove it for a month and a half before it lost oil pressure. My co worker and I checked it out fixed the gear on the cam syncronizer, but it still...

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