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  1. How many miles is a 4.0 good for?

    My 97’ just turned over 272,000
  2. Oil Pressure Gauge Jumping

    My oil pressure gauge likes to jump back and forth between low and normal Truck is a 97 with 4.0 in it. The truck runs fine and shows no difference when gauge is jumping. I'm thinking bad gauge or sensor. Not too worried since truck has 270,000 and still runs OK. just checking to see if anyone...
  3. Rear Brake Line

    Which line at the Master cylinder is the rear brake line on 97 Ranger? Picture would be real helpful Thanks
  4. 97 Ranger Brake lines

    I have rusted driver side brake line that's between the frame and gas tank. What is the cheapest and Easiest fix. Can I run a whole new line without taking that one out. (bypass it) I just don't want to stick a sh#* load of money into it and want to do it myself Thanks
  5. Brake line Flaring

    I know this is the cheap way, but I'm replacing my left rear brake cylinder. The line going in did not come off like expected. I cut the line about 8 inches from the cylinder. Going to have Auto store cut new line and flare that end for me. I have a flare kit. Is it possible for me to flare the...
  6. Power Steering Lines

    Looks like I need to replace my power steering lines on my 97 Ranger. I assume that I might as well replace both while I'm at it?? Is there any thing to be concerned about and how hard is it? Will the line need bleed after I'm done?? Thanks
  7. Front wheel bearing

    going to attempt to replace passenger side wheel bearing on my 97 4x4 ranger. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Oil Pressure Gauge

    My Oil Pressure Gauge on 97 4.0 at times like to jump around causing engine light to come on. WHen this happens NOTHING else seems to be effected, so far. Is this a sign of bigger things to come or just a gauge going bad??
  9. Oil Pump 97 4.0

    How hard is it to replace the oil pump on a 97 Ranger withthe 4.0? Helpful tips are also appreciated!!!!
  10. Tailgate Latch

    I opened up my tailgate latch figuring to fine the plastic handle broke or the latch itself was shot, but all it is is one of the plastic connectors is gone. All else looks good. Anyway to get one of the connectors or jimmyrig something to avoid buying a new latch??
  11. 97 Manual Question

    I have a lot of pressure on the gears. At times even when the clutch is completely disengaged the truck will still move slightly. Does the clutch need adjusted? Does the line need bled? ???
  12. 97 5 Speed Stuck in reverse

    My 97 Ranger is now stuck in reverse. The gear shift is in neutral and will not go into any gear but the transmission stays in reverse. With the clutch in it will roll. Had a new clutch put in not too long ago!!!
  13. Spring Hanger Replacment

    Is it possible to replace the front, driver side spring hanger without taking the bed off or moving the fuel tank?? I know I'm looking for the easy way out, but it's worth shot if it's possible!!
  14. Bleeding a 97 Ranger

    Recently had the clutch replaced on my 97 Ranger. How hard is it to bleed the line??
  15. Idles Too Fast

    I have a 97 Ranger with 4.0 Liter V6 manual transmisson. After a few minutes out on the road the idle likes to kick up to about 3000+rpm. I can actually take may foot off the gas and maintain about 55-60mph. This doesn't happen right after I start it, just usually after on the road for a little...