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  1. kiragyu

    Engine swap issues

    Ok so I swapped in an 06 sohc into my 98 Mazda b3000 I rewired the PCM harness so everything lined up. But I recently found out that the 06 doesn't have a gem module at all so I bought a 99 explorer sohc PCM but wouldn't start it would turn over but not start. So my question o electrical gurus...
  2. kiragyu

    The best swap for 98-2000 pvh

    go read this tech forum stop fooling around with the pvh and fix the problem period. im serious i havent had to worry about 4wd since its always there when i need it http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/99hubswap.htm
  3. kiragyu

    true duals to come

    well i need a new exhaust because of my engine swap (06 sohc into a 98 mazda b3k) anyway im getting a true dual exhaust. so its going to be 2 1/4 after the header to these cats http://www.summitracing.com/parts/MPE-53005/ then down to these mufflers http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SUM-638221/...
  4. kiragyu

    4.0 vehicle speed sensor

    ok guys i was wondering how does an 06 ranger gets its speedometer reading. does it get it from a vss at the rear diff or does it get it from somewhere else i am so confused right now because i did an engine swap from a 98 mazda b3k to an 06 ranger 4.0 and my speedo is just bouncing and my 4x4...
  5. kiragyu

    98-2000 pvh to explorer swap

    i know its in the tech forum but i just completed my swap this weekend its awesome i dont have the front drive shaft hooked up because i did an engine swap and havent gotten a new exhaust yet. but it drives fine feel free to message me and ask me ANY questions you have about the swap
  6. kiragyu

    3.0 swap to 4.0 swap have a few questions

    so i swapped in a 06 ranger 4.0 into a 98 mazda b3000 well the speedo doesnt work because its connected to the output shaft speed sensor on the tranny. well i know i should swap in a new gem module to make everything work right but i was wondering if i could just splice my old speed sensor into...
  7. kiragyu

    98 mazda to 01+ ranger front clip

    hey guys i was wondering if it was possible to switch the mazda front clip for a ranger. just because i cant find any headlight mods for the mazda headlights.
  8. kiragyu

    superlift 85150 shocks

    just bought some will post review when i get the time to put them in along with PICTURES!!!! collapsed length 17.7" extended length 30.7" twin tube
  9. kiragyu

    HELP 3.0 to 4.0 swap think engine is in limp mode

    ok guys i did a swap from a 98 3.0 to a 07 4.0 kept the old exhaust well it was hooked up truck revs to 3000rpm but then when you put it in drive it revs fine till you get to 1500rpm then bogs and almost cuts out. i think it is in a limp mode because one of the old o2 sensors doesnt show...
  10. kiragyu

    3.0 to 4.0 alternator wiring

    ok guys my swap is almost complete i have a 98 mazda b3k and i swapped in a 07 ranger 4.0. well the wiring for the alternator of the 4.0 doesnt match up at all, it has an external plug vs. the 98 3.0 which has the wires in the engine harness. well my question is could i take those wires out of...
  11. kiragyu

    98 3.0 to 06 sohc conversion

    98 3.0 to 06 4.0 sohc conversion ok guys i know everyone has had alot of questions about this kind of swap over well me and my friend (who did most of the work at his auto shop) are going to sit down and write out what all he did with a parts list of what we needed and what not. my truck...
  12. kiragyu

    alternator wiring 3.0 vs 4.0 and a few other questions about the swap please help

    1. ok guys i got the 4.0 pretty much installed but was wondering how the pins would line up from a 98 b3k to a 2007 4.0 i know that i will have to take some pins out but would i be able to get a seperate connecters and be able to plug in the matching wires and have it work? 2. ok another...
  13. kiragyu

    3.0 4.0 wiring digrams

    i was wondering if anyone had diagrams for the 3.0 engine and 4.0 sohc engines i have the sohc engine in i just need the diagrams
  14. kiragyu

    5r55e wiring issues

    ok guys i wanted to know if this transmission wiring harness was compatible with my 2006 5r55e tranny it says for 95 and up but im just not sure...
  15. kiragyu

    5R55E wiring

    hey guys im doing a 4.0 swap and i was wondering what kind of harness i would need for the tranny it is a 2007 5R55E tranny

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