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  1. 96 to 05 Steering Wheel Swap

    I have a 96 ranger, I am swapping to an 05 steering wheel and want to maintain the cruise control buttons and not trip the air bag light. My questions are: I'm pretty sure the clockspring in the 96 has 5 pins and the 05 cruise controls are 6 pin. 1. Can I swap the 05 year clockspring...
  2. 96 Ranger Passenger Window Switch issue

    KK final update: I tested the blue/black 12v grounded against the passenger kick panel ground and had 11.93 which did not drop at all when the switch was pushed either direction. Still grounded to the kick panel I tested the window motor plugs, with the switch up I got .03 in one direction and...
  3. 96 Ranger Passenger Window Switch issue

    Tested this morning and: With the key on I have 11.90 when testing blue/black to white/yellow and blue/black to tan/blue on the passenger side. p.s. not sure if its relevant at all, but if the passenger switch isn't plugged in the master switch cannot operate the passenger window p.s.s. I...
  4. 96 Ranger Passenger Window Switch issue

    I have a 96 ranger xlt Both power windows work from the master switch Passenger window does not operate from its own switch. I have replaced the switch w/ same result. I have confirmed that power is making it to the passenger switch connector pad by multimeter. Running out of ideas, any help?
  5. Interior Panel Push Screw/Rivet

    When I bought my 96 ranger, all interior panels were missing and through some rough monetary times I got several matching panels but most of the push screws/rivets/fasteners (whatever you call them) that secure the panels to the body were already gone. I'm wondering if anyone has a part number...
  6. Speedometer/Odometer not working (96 XLT 2.3 5-Speed)

    The only thing I can really remember using the scanner for was ensuring my tachometer was giving an accurate value since i had to replace the motor and then manually set the needle because it was a bit off.
  7. Speedometer/Odometer not working (96 XLT 2.3 5-Speed)

    I got lucky and found an 01 explorer sport trac, pulled its cluster and brought it home. From my understanding the temperature gauge in the 96 Ranger has a special resistor on the removable circuit board so I swapped it across. Was unlucky that the tachometer of the new cluster was sticky so...
  8. Speedometer/Odometer not working (96 XLT 2.3 5-Speed)

    No one has any clue? Visiting a junk yard today. Hoping a cheap instrument panel may fix er up.
  9. Speedometer/Odometer not working (96 XLT 2.3 5-Speed)

    Sorry I always forget something. Mine is 2WD and does not appear to have a cable at all. It only has the two wires from the connector that clips onto the OSS.
  10. Speedometer/Odometer not working (96 XLT 2.3 5-Speed)

    Ok, so here is the spiel. Speedometer/Odometer has not worked properly since purchase. However, on two occasions it has worked (seemingly told the correct speed, not positive didn't have gps to verify with) and then just outright quick 10-15 seconds later. I have replaced: OSS (on the...