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  • Hey country yea friends with my son mn smokeater just seen that on your friends list
    take care
    i think they american racing outlaws if you like them that well i will have them for sale in a week or two probally take 150.00 for them if you want
    What kind of rims are on your profile picture truck?
    it was the biggest PITA ive ever dealt with....good thing i only paid 300 for it right haha so now after everything i still only have 1000 into it and now its a hell of a nice truck with a whole new drivetrain and an excelent runnign 4.0 with 137k miiles.....not too bad despite the couple weeks wanting to kill myself in the shop lol
    man the tranny is great but i still got one more problem...its a ford haha, turned out the t-case was bad, the auto hubs were fried, the drive shaft was slightly bent(bad vibration at 35-45) and the #3 fuel injector stuck......sooooo after a new clutch, slave cylinder, clutch line, t-case, welding the auto hubs, junkyard driveshaft, new injector and enough cursing and breaking things to last a year i FINALLY have a driveable truck
    hey could u leave me a feedback for that tranny? then i could get a trader score, i left one for ya today too so u should be up to 4 now. thanks man
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