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  • I was reading an old post about your rear fuel tank. What did your tank come out of? Thanks joey!
    I know this is late (shows how often I'm on here anymore), but thanks for the pic! That was a fun day.
    Do you still have the information on that company that you got your Ranger Aux Tank from? Dropping my Ranger and looking for different options, much rather have new than used if I can find it.
    Sorry man. I'm going to have to pass. We can answer almost any question you have, but you've gotta take the leap of faith and do the building yourself. I'll be honest. It was a pain in the ass haha.
    hey man i live up by rockfalls il an i would like to do a sas on my 2000. want to know if you would help a newb trs
    hey man, im from lincoln illinois and someone mentioned some backyard bogs you guys all have. they said you might know more about it than they would.

    do you know when the next one is?
    hey we talked earlier about your radius arm build, and i was wondering if you remember the length of the tube that you used, maybe so i can get an estimate of how much to buy, because 2 inch .250 wall is like $18 a foot here. im going fullwidth but i was thinking of putting the crossmember in about the same area as you so i figure i will need just a litle bit more tube then what you used.
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