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  1. For Sale PA 883 3" Body Lift 98-00 Ranger- NEW

    Still have the body lift? If so I'll take it
  2. Bringing back the manger!

    So several years ago this was a 96 Mazda b4000 that a member named legoms13 built. It was rolled and he did a cab swap to a 2000 ranger, then sold about a year and a half ago. They guy that picked it up thrashed on it and put a new motor in it. When I saw it come up for sale, I had to jump on...
  3. Nor Cal chat thread

    Some trimming will be necessary... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  4. 1354 front yoke options

    I'm building a new driveline for my explorer on tons. Want to swap out the 1310 ujoint to a 1350. Don't want a conversion joint. Anyone know if they make a yoke for my case that holds the 1350? Need a yoke not flame cause I'm gonna grind it out to get more angle out of it. Sent from my...
  5. sexplorer build

    traded a tired beat down 99 ranger on 33s for the worst investment of my life, dude hacked this 92 explorer, everything on it was stick welded and trashed. I should have kept my beat down ranger but live and learn. here is is the day I got it, bald 37 inch E rated toyos, HP dana 44 3.73...
  6. no more doubler options?!

    so from what im reading on pirate4x4 d and d is gone and I cant get behemoth to return calls, emails, facebook stuff or anything else. he said he sold the strong box rights to some company but wont say who and no one can find anything... I really dont want to build a 1350/54 doubler cause the...
  7. high revs after fuel injector replacement

    98 2.5 manual tranny. got a bad engine misfire on cyl #4. replaced plug and wire even tho they were new, tried swapping coils, no change. that left me to believe it was a fuel injector. good compression as well. I figured I might as well replace all the injectors. I pulled the upper intake...
  8. ranger wont run... no power

    ok so the story goes like this, I have a 98 2.5 ranger, 146k on the clock, driving on the freeway, the timing belt snapped. towed it to a buddy's place and replaced the water pump and timing belt. recent work done to it before the timing belt, new autolite copper plugs about 300 miles ago...
  9. 98 ranger lowering question.

    Yeah you would have to customize it. I was thinking of just mounting it on the axle and then in boarding the upper mount and putting it at the top of the frame rail. I'd have to get a kit and check it out. sent from a locomotive driving ass hole.
  10. 98 ranger lowering question.

    Yeah bagging it is out of the question at this point. It will cost too much. I was thinking about getting some helper bags and making some brackets to fit in there to help when I have a load in the bed. Air shocks will be put on for sure. sent from a locomotive driving ass hole.
  11. 98 ranger lowering question.

    I have a djm 4/5 kit ill be throwing on in a few weeks. my question is this. I want to still be able to throw my 800 pound quad in the bed, can I throw some overload bags in the back to help with the lad once I do the axle flip?
  12. anyone into a group buy for a doubler kit

    not sure if this is the place to throw this but I have been talking to the guy from behemoth doublers, and he is offering a group buy on the doubler kits for rangers. the more people we get in on it the better deal we get on it. he is also raising prices on the kits by 100 bucks after this...
  13. mixing HID and LED off road lights

    I currently have 2 Kragen 7" HID off road lights up front, but I found a good deal on a used 13.5" LED bar, anyone have any comments on mixing the 2 styles of lights? I am looking for a bit more light.
  14. hard start below freezing

    so I have a 99 4.0 and I just moved to a ski town, its been in cold weather before but never had this problem. yesterday and today in the morning both times the temp was around 10-20 degrees F. the truck will just crank, tried cranking it for about 15-30 seconds and nothing, then I held the...
  15. temp sensor help needed asap

    So my fan cutch burned up and I decided to put a taurus e fan in its place. I got the fan and my dad had an e fan summit racing install kit. it came with a temp sensor to screw into the intake manifold. I have 2 temp sensors in my intake manifold already, I was wondering what they both are...