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  • Nice Comet, would have any reservations about driving the ranger you have for sale to Illinois?
    You are one of the few that I have talked to on here that knows their ass from third base so I have a question for you. My 84 B2 has a c-4/c-5 hybrid tranny,fresh rebuild. What fluid should I put in it. I have been told several different things. Any help would be great. Thanks Donnie
    The only pics I have of it are some closeups of the accessory drive setup I used from an 88 Crown Vic. You're welcome to drive over on a weekend to look it over and bullshit sessions. Just let me know when. D.Hearne Opelousas.
    I see your close to me, Im in Sulphur. Do you have any pictures of your truck on here? I would like to see your truck in person some day before I start my swap, maybe when you have a day off and nothing planned I could drive over and see it and maybe get some info about the swap. Sam
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