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    Personal Tracked Vehicle

    Has anyone seen one of these? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRPHT9wm5cI This is a pretty simple tracked vehicle. My idea is to build something a bit more robust as an engineering project. I'd like to use tracks like mini excavator or ditch witch rubber tracks, or maybe make some steel...
  2. 94STXRanger

    Missing bolts

    So this is good, Lately my clutch has been making it hard to engage/disengage any gear going down the road. Look at the new (two years old) slave cylinder, and cant see any leakage or moisture around it. So my buddy and I decide to bleed the clutch. After bleeding it, it shifted perfectly for...
  3. 94STXRanger

    Need a Measurement please!

    Hello everyone, I would bet know one remembers me as i havent been on here in a long time due to school and work and all. Anyway I really need to fix my front end before I start driving farther to a new job. Basically the front of my truck has 5.5" lift brackets and coils, but 4" radius arm...
  4. 94STXRanger

    1965 Mustang Identification

    Hey guys, ive got a problem and need your help! So I have a 1965 mustang coupe. I am trying to identify the factory options it had to see if the a/c, pony interior, etc. is factory or not. So I take a look at the ID tag on the drivers door, and its painted over. The whole tag is painted...
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    Hey guys, I am writing a research paper for my mechanical engineering class and need to ask a mech. engineer a few questions. If there are any on here besides JohnnyU, could you guys help me out and post some answers to a few questions? If there is anyone who could help me out please post...
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    Fast blinker

    Hey guys, Im working on an 01 Jetta that has had some lighting issues. First the tail light was not working, then turn signal, then a different side brake light. Anyway i replaced a couple fuses and got most of them working again. Now when i turn on the right side blinker, all lights flash...
  7. 94STXRanger

    Tunnel ram on 302

    Hey guys, I just picked up a Weiand tunnel ram for a 302 in my 65 mustang. It was cheap so i got it, not really sure if i want to use it on this project though. My question is, on a 302 that is mostly stock with a mild cam, can I reasonably use this tunnel ram with smal 350,390, or 400 cfm...
  8. 94STXRanger

    spindle stuck

    Ok so i was going to change my ball joints today. So i take every thing off the passenger side down to the spindle. So first i tap the spindle. then i hit the spindle. Then i beat the spindle. Then i apply heat to the spindle and beat again. The damn thing has not moved at all. I read about...
  9. 94STXRanger

    Changing Ball Joints..

    So i need to change the ball joints on my truck. I just need to know if the axle shafts need to come out to do it? And if i want to change the ujoints, do the axles just pull out? Thanks for the help guys.
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    Lack of power, please hep!

    Alright so a few days ago i start my truck and it runs like its not getting fire on all six. turn it off and start it again a few times, and it runs fine. Now tonight i start it and it runs like hell again and it just gets worse. So i bust back into work and take a fuel filter and put it on in...
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    Ranger Diesel engine!

    Found this ranger Diesel engine for sale on craigslist. How rare is this bad boy? Any one interested?
  12. 94STXRanger

    Dana 44 and Ford 9" Swap

    dude that will be bump steer like crazy wont it? Everytime that axle moves up or down the toe will change dramatically.
  13. 94STXRanger

    anyone other than todd done 35/44 hybrid?

    I believe the adjustable bushings might be the same. Could be wrong though
  14. 94STXRanger

    The Mustang (WARNING, HUGE PICS)

    Well this summer i finally started the work on my 1965 Mustang that has been sitting around since i was fifteen, Im twenty now... Anyway i tore apart a 302 thats bored sixty over, and basically just rebuilt it. I will probably add other performance parts to it later. Well here are the pics...
  15. 94STXRanger

    no instrument lights

    Alright so here is a great problem. I was jackin around with my radio trying to get subs to work, which still dont. So after a bit i give up and put the cd player back in the dash. Now when i turn on my lights nothing inside comes on. The instrument cluster is just dark, the HVAC controls...