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    2006 4.0 auto, Cranks, but No Start.

    having an issue where the truck will not start. Cranks over just fine, I did check the fuel cuttoff switch, its not that. I did go through a lot of snow today, I cleaned as much out as I could from the engine bay and had my truck running afterwards for about 45 minutes letting it melt/dry...
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    Shift motor woes. Shiftster still a thing?

    So, i've tried several shift motors I have, none of them shift the case far enough to engage 4wd. i've also tried different 4x4 control modules as well. one combination (new CM old motor) gets it close, but its still not fully engages and slips out and bangs. Not good. shifting the case...
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    06 5r55e lost all gears

    Hey guys, so a couple months ago I was driving my truck around town, and while moving, it just lost forward drive and revved. So I lifted my foot, tried again, nothing. Tried 1st, 2nd, reverse, OD on and off, nothing. Now, it does have a slight movement of the ground is flat and you Rev it in...
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    Simple sleeping platform.

    Posted this in my build thread, but may as well post here if someone's looking for a simple build. Empty bed, cleaned it out and took some measurements. Cut the plywood to length and width, then cut out the spaces for the bulges in the side of the bed. First test fit to make sure the...
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    4x4 issue, dash light comes on, but no 4wd... Electric.

    So here's my situation. Transfer case was rebuilt just before winter, put less than 5k miles since then. Transfer case is solid. And 4x4 worked great when I needed it during winter. Fast forward to a few weeks ago... When I switch into 4hi the light lights up in the dash, all good there no...
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    How-To: Change 2000.5+ Unit Bearings

    Did this little video up a while ago, Figured i'd toss it in here in case anyone was looking for this. AHz2VCyHpzU
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    Chevy 64" Leaf swap is done, E-brake bracket?

    so a long time ago I did the chevy 64" leaf swap, went really well and I love the swap 100% only issue is the ebrake cable bracket bolted to the front leaf hanger mount. now that it's been moved forward it obviously can't bolt to it. can I somehow move the mount on the cable further down the...
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    My crappy video, replaced transfer case.

    hey, tossed this together for my channel since I hadn't uploaded anything lately. I wish I had gotten the actual removal process but oh well. jP410WdtwCk
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    explorer t-case swap?

    Hey guys, so my 2006 ranger is in need of a transfer case, and I don't have the time to try rebuilding mine on my own (i'll do it once I get a new one swapped in to learn) But, finding a ranger transfer case is a pain, but I found a 1354 elec shift from a 2001 explorer 4.0 4x4. in theory...
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    2001 Explorer transfer case into 2006 Ranger?

    hey all, from what I've found online the 2001 BW1354 should swap directly into the ranger that also has a 1354, correct? both electric shift.
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    1974 Ford Maverick!

    =SPECS= 1974 Ford Maverick 250 CI straight 6, 3 speed auto White exterior, light blue interior =PLANS= Re-dp brake system so it actually stops Change bumpers Satin white paint, black hood stripes Wheels (undecided as to what yet, but they will change) =PICTURES= some post-interior...
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    4.0 sohc fan removal?

    So is there a special tool to remove the fan on the SOHC 4.0? Or is it just a large wrench? Needing to take the fan off so I need to know what to get, I don't have a wrench that large or a special tool so I need to know what I'm buying, thanks folks!
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    4x4 clunk/bang/disengage

    When I'm in 4x4 the system will clunk, and bang every few seconds and disengage periodically, but works fine other times. No I'm not on hardpack surface. this happens in mud, loose snow, sand, etc. I replaced the U joint on the front shaft, it was a little worn but not bad. Issue still exists...
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    Build me a computer

    Hey folks. Looking to get a new computer. Decided to buy parts and build rather than buying pre built. Save money, and have better performance. However I have no idea where to start. What works with what, and what the good parts are. So I turn to you. Budget. $700 +/- $50 Main use will be...
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    Whats my best bet, simplest 302

    Hey folks, don't know much about v8 swaps, did a search came up with a few answers, just wanted to get some insight from folks who have done the swap. Plan is to swap a 302 into a first gen, looking to find what I can get a 302 from that will make the swap the easiest, and have as little as...