The Banner Across America started in May 2010 with forum member ‘kcm1582’ having his photo taken with the TRS banner in the Atlantic Ocean. The banner was then passed on from member to member to see if we could hand carry the banner to the Pacific Ocean. This adventure would allow TRS members to get together and meet while continuing the banner along its journey.

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In the last issue of this article the banner was in the possession of RangerSVT in Indian Mound Tennessee on August 18th 2010.

Jay (Jay’94) & Chad (Copperhead85)

Rick (RangerSVT) and Chad (Copperhead85)

August 29, 2010:

On August 29th, the banner was handed off from RangerSVT to Copperhead85.

While still in his possession, RangerSVT was able to get the banner signed by (2) other members:

Brandi (Brandizzle – RangerSVT’s girlfriend) and Bret (Skipper – Brandi’s father)

September 2, 2010:

On September 2, the banner was passed on from Copperhead85 to Scotty J.

Scotty J.

Scotty J has the banner in Little Rock Arkansas.

Scotty J. signing the banner

Grunizzle signing the banner

September 4, 2010:

Grunizzle came by on September 4th and signed the banner while Scotty J had it. Apparently Scotty J is signaling the camera person to just take (1) photo (LOL).

Scotty J. & Grunizzle

September 5, 2010:

On September 5th, Scotty J passed the banner off to ASMODEAN from El Dorado Arkansas.

September 10, 2010:

On September 10th, ASMODEAN passed the banner off to Doorgunner. The banner has found its way to New Orleans, Louisiana.

While Doorgunner had the banner, he got it signed by:

Tiollib & Friend (Houma, LA)

Fordman4x492 signing the banner (Youngsville, LA)

Baddad457 signing the banner (Opelousas La)

cajunman87 signing the banner

September 12, 2010:

On September 12th, cajunman87 was given the banner.

September 19, 2010:

On September 19th, cajunman87 passed the banner off to AgPete139.

Agpete139 (College Station / Houston Texas)

AgPete139s Ranger & cajunman87s Ranger

September 21, 2010:

On September 21st, AgPete139 got the banner signed by four more members:

Beau (BeauKnowz) and Gary (Gw33gp) signing the banner

garyl signing the banner

Mark (Northern) signing the banner

AgPete139 with the banner in the Gulf of Mexico

October 11, 2010:

AgPete139 passed the banner off to robertc1024 on October 11th.

Robert (robertc1024) signing the banner

robertc1024’s Ranger & AgPete139’s Ranger in front of the capital building in Austin Texas.

October 23, 2010:

On October 23rd, robertc1024 handed the banner of to Hazmat Ranger.

robertc1024 & Hazmat Ranger in front of the Dr. Pepper museum.

October 24, 2010:

On October 24th, Hazmat Ranger relayed the banner to sbsrlewis & country0001 at Lake Murray in Southern Oklahoma.

sbsrlewis, country0001 and Hazmat Ranger at Lake Murray Oklahoma

Steve (sbsrlewis) signing the banner

Jerry (country0001) signing the banner

October 28, 2010:

On October 28th the banner was given from country0001 to daniel3507 in Stillwater Oklahoma.

November 6, 2010:

On November 6th daniel3507 gave the banner to Insanejughead causing it to slightly backtrack in to Missouri.



November 13, 2010:

On November 13th, Insanejughead relayed the banner to the group in Kansas City. DangerRanger~91 took possession of the banner.

Insanejughead passing the banner off to DangerRanger~91

The Kansas City group

While DangerRanger~91 had the banner he took it up to Iowa and let 85_Ranger4x4 sign it.


December 11, 2010:

On December 11th, DangerRanger~91 transported the banner to meet with Hanzo Steel in Goodland Kansas. From there, Hanzo Steel took it home to Aurora Colorado.

Hanzo Steel and DangerRanger~91

At the time of this article, the banner is still in Aurora Colorado waiting to continue west on its journey to the Pacific Ocean.

Here is a breakdown of some of the round trip miles/hours that have been accumulated transporting this banner:

Name Involvement Miles Hours
DangerRanger~91 Transporter 1314 miles 23 hrs
AgPete139 Transporter 805 miles 15 hrs
Insanejughead Transporter 750 miles 16 hrs
Doorgunner Transporter 765 miles 18 hrs
Scotty J. Transporter 551 miles 9.5 hrs
Hoosier1104 Transporter 525 miles 12 hrs
DangerRanger~91 Transporter 455 miles
Hazmat Ranger Transporter 384 miles 7 hrs
robertc1024 Transporter 325 miles 6 hrs
Grey_O4 Transporter 308 miles 5.5 hrs
Gw33gp Signer 3086 miles 44 hrs
85_Ranger4x4 Signer 140 miles 3 hrs

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To view the previous article on this adventure to see where it started and where it’s been up to this article, click HERE.

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