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4WD Systems Transfer Cases & Locking Hubs.

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Old 08-07-2007, 12:30 AM   #1
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Default Got my 4wd system fixed!, Blinking 4hi & 4lo

Originally Posted by Ranger Al
Well, here is my story...

I was out deer hunting and came to a place I felt I needed my 4x4 and click on it, nothing happpen. Then the 4hi and 4lo light came on flashing (6 flashes every 2 minutes). My instinct and what I have read a few times on this board was the "shift motor" tend to be the curpit. Well, I took the "sh1t motor" apart and cleaned and lube it with grease. Nothing happen, the stupid lights still flashes and took the switch apart and checked all the contact, everything checked out ok. I then checked the fuses compartment where the 4wd fuse, it checked out.

So, I ordered a new "SH1T motor" from Car Quest for $106 and installed it and still the lights doesn't go away! Now I am begging to worry cause I called the Stealership and they wanted $189 per hour to tell me something wrong with it. They are not going to get rich out of me for the second time, since the first time was me buying the truck from them.

I read the repair manual carefully and realized that there is another "FUSE" under the hood in the power distributor box! I pulled out this 20A fuse and checked it and sure enough it was blown! I didn't have the excalt fuse, but replaced with a 15A and turned on the ignition and WHOALA! The lights are gone and I shift to the 4Hi and see the light came on!

Now I got a spare "SH1T motor" and $100 low! Anyway, I am so glad I got it going and should have a pretty good weekend!

Anyway, a lesson learned the hard way. check all the cheap stuffs first, loose connections and those fuses!
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Old 11-19-2007, 09:02 PM   #2
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Default Lights flashing

This is my 4X4 lights flashing story.

I have a 95 4X4 Ranger with auto hubs and an auto tranny. Someone attempted to steal it and destroyed the ignition lock in the process. Thats when I started having the flashing 4X4 lite problem. Below is my original post from another site.

I got robbed big time 5 days ago. My restored Scout is gone along with tools, welder, plazma cutter, etc.

They tried to take my built 95 Ranger by hammering out the ignition switch. Thats as far as they got but now I'm having to fix this mess. Now when I drive it the 4X4 dash lights come on and off and I can hear and feel the tranny or transfercase engaging. This rig also has the electric 4X4 switch on the dash and automatic hubs. I pulled the 4X4 fuse in hope that would make it drivable but I still have the problem. It's as if someone is playing with the 4X4 high/low switch while I'm driving. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Second post:I just noticed that when driving the 4X4 light blinks 6 times every few minutes, each time it blinks I can feel/hear a small change in RPM. I disconnected the wires going to the tcase but no change. I'm open to ideas, I don't want to damage anything in the drive train.

As you can see I was thinking the damaged ignition switch was my problem but now I'm thinking it has nothing to do with the switch but is a seperate problem. I did a search and found that others have experienced the 6 flashes and found the sensors on the transfer case to be at fault. What do you think?

The fix

OK, now the good news, the truck is fixed. After replacing the column and installing a new factory ignition switch I still had the flashing light. The next morning I reset the computer and no more light. I then installed new matching door locks and a glove compartment lock. I'm operational again and ready for the first snow fall.

Lesson learned: A destroyed lock can cause your 4X4 lights to flash. This flashing also causes the transfercase to try to engage. The used column cost me $140 and the new Ford lock set was $90. Took me about 4-5 hours to install.

I like to post the final fix.
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I understand that this is an old post, but does the flashing automatically mean that the circuit is open or does not have power?
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Old 08-21-2008, 09:05 PM   #4
Yeah, I built that.

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It just means that there is an error of some sort. It does not specify what it is in anyway.
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Old 12-23-2008, 11:14 PM   #5
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My '98 Ranger just started doing the six flashes problem, and the transfer won't kick in. It has 230,656 miles on it so I replaced the original motor as it has worked sluggishly recently. When it flashes, there isn't any noticeable noise or engine RPM changing as earlier mentioned. What else should I be checking?
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Default More of the same

So I've rebuilt my motor 2 or 3 times now, taken apart the blue cap and cleaned all the connections, realigned the springs on the disk for a better connection, triple checked the alignment on the position of the sensor disk and used a dab or silicone to hold it in place during reassembly. I'm pretty convinced the motor is toast but I also have doubts since the first time I tried cleaning the disk under the blue cap, afterwords on start up, sometimes the CPU would think the truck was in 4hi and turn the indicator light on even though it was in 2hi.

My question is: Is there a computer module somewhere with a self diagnostic like the 94 and earlier and the touch-drive BII's?

and: My dashlights on the heater controls have never worked, and the cigarette lighter recently stopped working too, is there a control module around there behind the radio that could be fubared? I've checked both fuse boxes and all the fuses are good... relay maybe?

Anyway, the rig is a late '97 ranger XLT. Kinda weird since I think it has both some gen 3 and gen 4 features, like there being no speedometer cable, just a wire to the rear axle.

Any advice would be appreciated... I don't want to just start throwing money at a problem and hope it works.

I really want to know though who at ford thought that 2 levers sticking out of the floor was too many so I can gouge one of their eyes out with a spork and say well, it was too much clutter.
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Old 01-11-2009, 06:41 PM   #7
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Default bushing

Well I think I haven't checked the bushing on the backside of the gear hooked to the worm drive yet so I'm going to try and get that gear off, I'm betting that the bushing is in several pieces in there. I'll let you guys know.

*update* well I took the gear off and the bushing was still there but it was completely crushed on the one side showing a little bare metal. So I replaced that, hooked the wires to the motor itself to 12v and that turns back and forth freely, everything on the sensor disk has been painstakingly realigned so if it doesn't work this time it's time to start testing wires.

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Default 99 with the same flahing lights

read your post sounds like mine. went and got new motor but there is a brown ? wire coming out of the transfere case that is not on the new wiring harness what is it
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Old 02-12-2009, 04:11 PM   #9
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the brown wire is the clutch wire.. you have to remove it from the plug on your old motor. it is a pain to get out but it will come on mine i had to do this to 3 wires green and blue i think were the colors goes up to the sensor at the transfercase output shaft and the brown wire. you also can cut and splice them back together
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my four wheel lights blink 6 times every 2 mins. now i havent changed the motor yet. i wanna know what else could be the issue before i go out and buy a new one. also when i turn the 4 wheel knob nothin happends any ideas???
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