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    New RTR and RTR Rambler package..

    The only ranger I seen that was close to 50k had a bunch of stuff the dealer added on lift, tires, fender flares, roll up tonneau cover and a bed rack. I don't think I seen a lariat for more than 43 here in town. Even then after rebates you are back in the 30s. All I'm saying is you don't have...
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    New RTR and RTR Rambler package..

    Maybe you don't understand or know what an off road park is? The park I was at in Arkansas even the trails rated as 1 or easy still were a little tough in areas to get through without body damage hell I had my truck on 2ish wheels for a second or two. There was a guy out there on the same trails...
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    New RTR and RTR Rambler package..

    Bought my truck on a Saturday that very next weekend I had it at an off road park wheeling it. There is a lot more to going off road than just mudding and rock crawling.
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    Anyone planning to add a leveling kit?

    I love that color the first ranger I looked at was that color.
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    Anyone planning to add a leveling kit?

    I just picked mine up this morning but that's definitely number 1 or 2 on the list.
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    Show us your 2019 Ford Ranger - Get a decal!

    Been gone for about 4 years but I'm back now. Picked this up this morning.
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    b2 alignment specs

    So getting new wheels and tires put on the b2 today as well as getting it aligned. When doing the alignment do you go off of the factory specs for caster and camber? I found a picture of the specs on this site with a little searching but the shop is saying that since the ride height changed from...
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    87 b2 2.9 tick

    So what do you know my engine in my b2 starting ticking recently. When it first happened I changed the oil went with 10w-40 and added some stp engine treatment which helped. That lasted tell now about 3000 miles or so now it will tick after driving on the highway or long drives but it comes and...
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    33s with a 4 inch llift

    I looked through the tech section and seen the tire chart. My question is where exactly do you run into issues with the 33s? I have 31s now and it looks like there is a ton of room in there? Its time for new wheels and tires and i came across a set of 15x10 beadlocks for 200 and from the...
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    B2 towing question

    Okay so i kind of have this redneck idea for a cheap camper that im curious if my b2 would be able to pull it. My idea is to find a ranger that has been cut in half and the bed and rear section turned into a trailer. I want to find a slide in camper or a bigger shell preferably the slide in...
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    weird idle issue

    So I bought an ecm with a jet chip from a fellow member after I installed it in my 87 b2 it started idling at 2000. (before it idled around 1000) after tinkering around with it a bit I just put the old computer back in and it still does it. Now it will idle normal sometimes for a little bit then...
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    I broke my hydraulic clutch line in my 87 b2

    Long story short I broke the hydraulic clutch line right at the fitting that goes into the slave cylinder. searched the net wasn't able to find a new replacement. This is my dd so I need to figure something out quick. I was hoping maybe someone had one laying around or had one on a parts truck...
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    2.9 to 4.0 clutch swap

    Who has done one? Besides clutch flywheel and starter anything else I need. any particular year to buy parts for aside from just pre 97?
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    drive shaft help

    So I have an 87 b2 4x4 with a 5 speed the original cv style drive shaft crapped its self today. question is what drive shaft will be long enough for a rough country 4 inch lift.
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    off road light what size fuse and relay

    Picked up some kc highlights for free from a buddy anyway not sure how big of a fuse and relay to use