TRS Vagabonds are an overlanding group within honoring the original Vagabonds and promoting the Ford Ranger as an overlanding and adventure vehicle while educating and inspiring others.

The Original Vagabonds:

From 1914-1924 Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Thomas Edison, and John Burroughs calling themselves “the Four Vagabonds” embarked on a series of cross-country summer camping trips and their adventures were well-documented and publicized.  On these trips they communed with nature, explored their personal interests and acted like boys again. These were not young men. With John Burroughs, “the saintly lover of nature,” passing away at the age of 83 early in 1921, Edison, at 74 years of age, was now the oldest Vagabond, and Firestone, at 52 years of age, the youngest.

Henry Ford’s interest in nature was not new or merely a public relations gambit. Henry and his wife Clara were avid bird watchers and had over 500 birdhouses installed amid the naturalistic landscaping of their Fair Lane Estate. John Burroughs helped them rehabilitate the adjoining land and reintroduce wildlife to the area.

For more information check out ‘The Vagabonds (Ford, Edison, Firestone & Burroughs)

(Thomas Edison, John Burroughs, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone on a “Vagabonds” Camping Trip, 1918)


  • To honor the original Vagabonds (Ford, Firestone, Edison, and Burroughs)
  • To promote the Ford Ranger as an overlanding and adventure vehicle
  • To promote as a Ford Ranger resource and expand the TRS community
  • To educate and inspire others

Member Requirements

Vagabonds are chosen based on their experience and capabilities as off-roaders, their ability to camp and be self-sufficient, and their ability and desire to contribute to the group. Vagabonds must be an active member of forum and each member will display a Vagabond member banner under their username. Membership as a Vagabond is by invitation and is not a group that can be ‘joined’.

Vagabond is a group and not a club and therefore does not have club officers.

Vehicle Requirements:

  • Vehicle must be a Ford Ranger (A Bronco II may be accepted since it’s based off of a Ford Ranger)
  • Vehicle must be 4-Wheel-Drive with 4-Low capability
  • Vehicle must be street legal (properly registered and insured)

Vehicle Equipment Requirements:

  • GMRS mobile radio (minimum of 15 watts) with external mounted antenna
  • Tablet or other mobile device capable of operating the GAIA GPS or onX GPS maps
  • All Terrain or Mud Terrain tires
    • 31-inch or taller tire recommended on 1983-2011 Rangers
    • 32-inch or taller tire recommended on 2019+ Rangers
  • Full size spare tire
  • Jack capable of lifting your vehicle and a tool capable of removing lug nuts
  • Recovery points (front and rear)
  • Tow strap(s) or recovery rope(s) rated at 2-times the vehicle weight (no metal hooks)
  • Tree Saver
  • Shackles
  • 8,000lb or higher rated winch / or a Hi-Lift Jack to use as a hand winch
  • Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good / full
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tools needed to service / repair your specific vehicle
  • Extra fuel (4+ Gallons) (When recommended)
  • Air Compressor (suggested but not required)

Vagabond / TRS Stickers:

Each member will receive Vagabond and The Ranger Station (TRS) stickers that must be displayed on the vehicle during Vagabond events

  • (1) windshield banner
  • (1) Vagabond sticker
  • (1) Vagabond event sticker (when provided)

Additional Vagabond and TRS stickers may also be provided but may not be required to be displayed.

Vagabond stickers may only be displayed on a Vagabond approved vehicle.

( windshield banner)

(vagabond sticker)

Personal Equipment:

  • Food & water for the total days of a scheduled adventure
  • Means of storing, preparing and cooking meals as well as plates &
  • Toiletries / personal hygienics (Portable shower, body wipes)
  • Sleeping accommodations
  • Flashlight(s)
  • Proper clothing for the climate and temps of where we will be traveling
  • Appropriate footwear & socks
  • Camping chair
  • Means of storing and transporting your garbage
  • Insect repellant
  • Sun screen

The above supplies / equipment will be required unless otherwise noted. Please pack with the intent to be self-contained and self-sufficient for several days at a time between supply runs into towns.



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