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valve covers

  1. Opinion poll:Thermo plastics vs salvage valve covers

    Hello, I am being offered these two replacement valve covers: 1) salvage yard from Florida $50 2) Dorman thermoplastic $98 https://www.jcwhitney.com/details/Dorman/Valve_Cover/RB264989.html 3) other possibilities ... Is there supposed to be a hole NEXT TO the oil intake near passenger side valve...
  2. Cam sensor malfunction after gasket replacement

    2004 ford range 2.3l dual cam first of all **** the 2.3l dual cam 4 engine, every bolt is in a ****ed up location this engine sucks to work on. But here is my problem i have no clue wtf is going on my old gasket was warped so it was leaking oil into my spark plugs(or that was my best guess)...
  3. rezmedic

    "mayonaise" under valve cover

    1984 ranger 4x4 2.8L 5sp manual. My Ranger did not start this morning, normally kinda hard starting on cold mornings but runs well when runnin other than 10 to 12 MPG. While troubleshooting i removed the valve cover and saw this: My question is; Should I park it until I replace heads...
  4. Procomp high poformance heads.

    Ok I've been trying to find out if all the valve covers for a 302/5.0 have the same seal pattern. I am building a 302 and I need taller valve covers but I don't wan to get a set that won't fit because they have the wrong shape. So my question is: do all 302 valve covers have the same bolt...

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