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vacuum hose

  1. Vacuum hose near pcv valve

    Hello, I’ve got a 2001 B2300. It’s idling rough and almost dyeing so I’ve been replacing parts. I just replaced the PCV valve and while I was doing that, I noticed this vacuum hose hanging out. Can someone please tell/show me where it is supposed to be plugged into?
  2. vacuum 2.9

    This is most likely a dumb qustion. I was doing the sea foam test on my 87 4x4 2.9 yesterday. I used a can of spray in the intake to clean throttle body. then put 5.oz in the engine, it said 1.oz per quart of oil. Then i did the 3/4 can into the intake through the brake vacuum hose. But to my...
  3. Possible Vacuum Leak

    I have a 1998 Ranger 4.0 (OHV) I hear a hissing sound when I accelerate ... -Similar sound to air coming out of a tire -Seems to be coming from somewhere near the gas pedal (not sure which side of the firewall -It definitely gets louder as I accelerate more and makes no sound when idling -I am...
  4. The_Epsicle

    Vacuum Hose and Electrical connector question

    I have a hose that I can't find out where it connects, I "capped" it with some red electrical tape since that was all I had. I'm not noticing any driving issues, it didn't even run rough before I capped it, so this confuses me greatly:icon_confused: Here's the disconnected end of the hose...

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