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  1. What all do I need for a V8 Swap?

    Before anyone even comments, yes, I've read the tech articles. I want to hear some opinions on Carbed or EFI 302/5.0. I also would like to know what transmission, transfer case, and front axle I would need. Which vehicle would be a better donor? What would be the simplest when it comes to...
  2. Boss 302 Ranger Build Research

    I want to build a boss 302 Ranger but honestly have no idea what ranger to use. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advise on what would be the best way to go. I'd like to use a 2005-2007 Ranger. Basically what I need to know is; can the 5 speed manual transmission that comes standard...
  3. RangerFabWorks

    Show your v8 exhaust setup

    Nobody really seems to show how they did there v8 exhaust or how it sounds. Post up pics of what ya got
  4. Anyone put a carb'd 302 in a BII?

    If you have i'd love to hear about your process and what you had to do the line things up and make them fit. I'm getting ready to put a 302 in my BII, and need a little help. What transmission should i mate with it? Can i keep my stock manual shift transfer case? Or do i need to upgrade to a...

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