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  1. Found! Windshield Moulding 83-88

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to find a full set of windshield moulding for my 1988 Ford ranger. No biggie if it needs painted but I would like for it to have as few dents or dings as possible. Thanks!
  2. KasenLeigh90

    Are these stock or am i just living in a hole...?

    OK! I'm new here, and new to the ranger/ford scene. Usually a GM person, but I do have a soft spot for early '90's and older Ford Pickups, so please be a dick if you must, but lets not drag on shall we. This is my 1990 2.3L Lima. Has the 5spd, no 4wd. Are the steps on the side factory/an extra...
  3. replacement radio based on trim selection?

    Hi, I was looking online for a replacement radio for my 1998 Ranger (extended cab, 4x4, 4.0L engine) and keep running into a trim selection option to narrow down a radio that will fit. This stumped me since I have no idea how to determine what trim my Ranger has. I suspect it may not really...
  4. paint?

    Soo I'm tired of the kinda awkward grey trim often found on early 90's Rangers so I've decided to paint my front bumper trim, grille, amd rear bumper black. Any suggestions on paint types and painting techniques? Help would be much appreciated :)
  5. 98 B4000 Looking for rear wheel opening plastic trim

    I have seen other Ranger / B4000 trucks with the black wheel well molding that goes around the lip of both rear wheel openings. I called local Mazda dealer today and he said "no longer available", I could call the salvage yards but is there really no dealer inventory / ordering available for...

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