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transfer case swap

  1. Multiple Swap trouble

    Doing a 5.0 explorer swap into my 95 ranger. first thing to know is i have a custom 8in short arm suspension lift in my truck. i am doing a 97 explorer 5.0 plus trans. truck is regular cab short box 8.8 axles twin ibeam Was looking at using the explorer transfer-case or my current ranger one...
  2. 1354 and 1356 bw

    I have a 1997 4.0 xlt with an electronic 1354 transfer case. I grabbed a 1356 manual off an f150 is there any way I could bolt these two together for a dual transfer case?
  3. 98 Ranger XLT w/ 01 Explorer 5.0 Donor

    Hello Guys, it has been a while since I have been active here, but I have still been trolling the tech pages. My question to the more experienced folks on the site is this; I have an 01 Explorer with a 5.0 AWD I am planning on using the whole driveline ecm, harnesses and all for my 98 3.0 4x4...
  4. rawrrediffer86

    transfer case swap?

    okay i have a 97 ranger 4.0 automatic tranny & i have the switch activated transfer case. i was wondering how hard is it to switch to a lever actualted transfer case? any ideas? would be gratually appreciated. i already have the manual locking hubs.

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