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temperature guage

  1. Alam0

    2.5L ('98-'01) What should my engine coolant temperature be?

    Recently found out my engine coolant temperature sits around 165-167 Fahrenheit fully warmed up. Is that normal or should it be hotter? Also my temp gauge sits below the cold line. (It's a 98 2.5l 4 cylinder)
  2. Temp Gauge and Gas Gauge Not Working

    I bought a 1990 Ford Ranger 4 cylinder about a month ago. The guy let me know that the temp gauge and gas gauge didn't work. I figured it would be something in the fuse relays. Well I have looked around the fused and have been able to find a fuse or anything that would correspond with both of...
  3. Temp Problems

    2002 B3000 3.0 fresh rebuild with 150 miles on it so far. Within the past two days, I have noticed that my temp guage isn't going to to the operating range but staying right around the second white line after the "C". Drove to work this morning which is always at operating temp by the time I...
  4. 92dangerrangerCO

    fluctuating temp gauge '92 4.0 4x4

    After several days of frustrating problem solving in dealing with the 'fluctuating temperature gauge on my 1992 Ranger 4x4 with the 4.0, finally figured it out. Im not sure how often this issue occurs and only found a couple posts in dealing with this matter so here is what I went through...
  5. Jr. Roy

    Engine temp. Gage - function: negative - 1989 Ranger

    My '89 2.9l EFI engine temp. gage has not worked since i bought it 4 years ago - anyone have similar problems? whats the best way to track down the engine temp. gage sensor - the haynes manual seem inaccucate and my local parts store had a two pronged senors whereas i thought i needed a single...
  6. Fuel and Temp Guage

    Hello all, Quick question...so something is up with my fuel level guage and temperature guage. Majority of the time nether of them work. But every once in a blue moon the will both work. I figure it is a bad ground. Anyone know where that is located? Since they work and dont work together i...

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